Filing an Appeal with the CSC

Filing an Appeal

Individuals who believe they have been improperly disqualified by the DCAS Commissioner or other examining agency after taking a competitive examination, or experience questionnaire, may appeal the disqualification to the CSC in writing within 30 days of the date of the notice of disqualification.

Appeals must include a copy of the written notice informing the appellant of the reason for the disqualification.

Please be sure that the notice of disqualification is a final agency determination; if the notice provides instructions for appealing directly to

  • the agency; or
  • the Department of Citywide Administrative Service's (DCAS) Committee on Manifest Errors (CME); or
  • the New York City Transit Authority Personnel Review Board,

the appeal should NOT be sent to the CSC.

Submit Online

Appellants (or their counsel) may submit appeals electronically directly to the CSC via the Internet Intake system. A valid email address is required to use the Internet Intake system, and appellants must continue to check their email daily after submitting an appeal.

Do not submit the same appeal more than once. When an appeal is received, the CSC will review it and respond with further instructions.

Submit Online

If you experience any difficulties with the online portal, please call the Commission at 212-615-8915 during business hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm, except city holidays.

Submit by Mail or In Person

Appeals may also be personally delivered or mailed to the CSC at:

NYC Civil Service Commission
1 Centre Street, Room 2300N
New York, NY 10007

Please be sure that the written appeal request is signed and includes a copy of the final agency determination notice.