Careers with NYC Cyber Command

Careers with NYC Cyber Command

Threat Management

CERT Specialist - 423428
CTA Platform Engineer - 422918
Senior Threat Analyst - 406575

Cyber Intel Analyst (Tech) - 407147
Threat Hunter - 407170

Security Sciences

Service Delivery Manager - 421244
Senior Identity Security Engineer - 408371

SRE Director - 399565
Data Engineer - 398932

Urban Technology

Senior Applications Security Engineer - 406401
Critical Infrastructure Lead - 406579


Senior Audit Manager - 416549
Procurement Liaison - 414365
Director of Cyber Operations Project Management - 407266

College Aides

College Aides are interns who are eligible to work half time during school semesters and full time during breaks. Candidates are eligible for these positions only if they are matriculated in a degree bearing program (bachelors or masters) from an accredited institution. All College Aides must have residency within the 5 boroughs of NYC within 90 days of starting the position.

Urban Tech College Aide - 414457
Cyber Accounting Intern - 414452
Security Sciences Intern - 414770
Cyber Audit and Compliance Intern

Summer Internships

Summer Internships for 2020 will be posted around May.
Learn more about eligibility and housing information.