Online Third-Party Food Delivery Services

Online Third-Party Food Delivery Services Industry

Food delivery workers work tirelessly every day to support New York City’s restaurants and residents. They deserve improved working conditions and better protections, which is why the City recently passed a suite of new legislation regulating the online third-party food delivery service ("delivery apps") industry in NYC. These groundbreaking laws will require the delivery apps to allow food delivery workers to set distance and route limitations, pay them at least once a week, provide them with a free insulated delivery bag after six (6) deliveries, and set minimum pay. The law goes into effect in parts starting in 2022.

Delivery Workers

Do you do restaurant deliveries for an app? You have new rights.

Delivery Apps

New City laws require many food delivery apps to have a license and establish requirements that apps must follow concerning consumers, delivery workers, and restaurants.

Starting January 24, 2022, every third-party food delivery service will need a license from the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) to operate in NYC. Read the Third-Party Food Delivery Service License Application Checklist and apply online now!

Read new requirements concerning consumers, delivery workers, and restaurants.


Does your restaurant use an online business (app) to take and deliver customer orders? Know your rights and responsibilities.


Starting January 24, 2022, consumers who use food delivery apps have new rights:

  • Apps must tell you that they collect your data and may share it with restaurants unless you opt out.
  • Apps must allow you to opt out of having your data shared with a restaurant.
  • Apps must tell you how much delivery workers get paid from a tip, in what form, and when.

If you do not opt out from apps sharing your data with restaurants, you have rights.

  • Restaurants must let you withdraw consent and delete your data on request.
  • Restaurants cannot sell, rent, or disclose your data without your consent.

Beginning January 24, 2022, you can file a complaint about unlicensed apps; apps that do not provide required disclosures; and restaurants that misuse your data.

Email your complaint to Please be as specific as possible about the problem.

Please continue to monitor this page ( for additional information about these regulations.