Dear Visitor,

Mayor Bill de Blasio is committed to fighting inequality and building a city where New Yorkers from all five boroughs can start a business, raise their families, and afford to live in their own neighborhoods.

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) plays a critical role in ensuring that New Yorkers continue to flourish as business owners, consumers, and workers. As the oldest municipal consumer protection agency in the country, DCA licenses, inspects, and educates businesses; assists and informs consumers; mediates complaints; offers free financial counseling and safe banking products; and enforces local labor laws including Paid Sick Leave and Freelance isn’t Free.

We are committed to building on the Mayor's agenda of fighting inequality, ensuring a fair and vibrant marketplace where businesses, consumers, and workers alike are protected and empowered. We will make our city a model to be followed nationwide.


Lorelei Salas

Commissioner’s Biography