Paid Sick Leave - Simplified Chinese

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根据纽约市的Earned Sick Time Act(Paid Sick Leave Law)(带薪病假法案 - 带薪病假法)的规定,本法案所适用的雇员有权为自身或家庭成员的照护与治疗而请病假。

雇员权利通知 (Notice of Employee Rights)

带薪病假:雇员须知 (Paid Sick Leave Law: What Employees Need to Know)

带薪病假:雇主须知 (Paid Sick Leave Law: What Employers Need to Know)

雇员对授权使用带薪病假的确认 (Employee Verification Regarding Authorized Use of Earned Sick Leave)

雇员打算请带薪病假的通知 (Employee Notification of Intention to Use Earned Sick Leave)

雇员申请以弥补所缺工时替代请带薪病假 (Employee Request to Make up Missed Work as Alternative to Using Earned Sick Leave)