Information for Tobacco and/or Electronic Cigarette Retail Dealers

Community District Caps

Community district caps for Tobacco Retail Dealer licenses took effect February 24, 2018. Community district caps for Electronic Cigarette Retail Dealer licenses took effect April 26, 2018. For a list of the current community district caps, visit NYC Open Data at and search “tobacco retail dealer.”.

Tobacco and E-cigarette Control Laws

As of July 1, 2020, tobacco and e-cigarette retail stores in New York City are only allowed to sell products with specific flavors.
  • Stores with an e-cigarette license may sell e-cigarettes or e-liquids/liquid nicotine that are tobacco-flavored or unflavored. This includes all disposable, refillable and tank-based vaping products.
  • Stores with a tobacco license may sell cigarettes with tobacco or menthol flavors. They may also sell other tobacco products that are unflavored or are tobacco-, menthol-, mint- or wintergreen-flavored.
Learn more including FAQs by visiting the NYC Department of Health at

Local Law 191 of 2017

As of April 14, 2018, it is illegal to sell non-tobacco shisha, herbal cigarettes, rolling papers, and other smoking-related paraphernalia to individuals under 21 years of age in New York City. Download Age Restriction Sign.

Inspection Checklists

Frequently Asked Questions: New Tobacco Laws

October 2017: NYC's New Tobacco Laws Apply to YOU if You...

  • Have a pharmacy
  • Sell or plan to sell any tobacco products
  • Sell electronic cigarettes
Read overview to understand how the new tobacco laws affect your business in:

You must have a Tobacco Retail Dealer license to sell cigarettes or tobacco products. Read the Tobacco Retail Dealer License Application Checklist

Effective August 23, 2018, it will be illegal to sell electronic cigarettes in NYC without an Electronic Cigarette Retail Dealer license. Read the Electronic Cigarette Retail Dealer License Application Checklist.

April 2016: Law/Rules Handout (Cigarette Retail Dealers)

  • Under the law, cigarette retailers must post the Age Restriction and NYC/NYS Tax Stamp signs.
  • Cigarette retailers cannot make, distribute, or sell K2 (“spice”), bath salts, or any functionally similar substance. Under federal, state, and City laws, selling these substances is illegal and can result in imprisonment, significant fines, and the suspension or revocation of your Cigarette Retail Dealer License.
    • A first violation will result in a 30-day mandatory suspension of your license.
    • A second violation will result in a mandatory revocation of your license.

    Visit for more information and use Live Chat to request a window cling for your store doors/windows to show that your business is committed to refrain from selling K2.

2014 DCA Training on Local Laws 94 and 97 of 2013

In July 2014, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) held trainings for businesses to help them understand and comply with the new tobacco laws: Local Law 94 of 2013 (Tobacco 21) and Local Law 97 of 2013 (Sensible Tobacco Enforcement). Read the Frequently Asked Questions from the training.

New York State Department of Health

For more information about NYS Certified Tobacco Sales Training Programs, tobacco vending machines, and sales to minors, call (800) 458-1158 or visit NYS website