Pawnbroker License Application Checklist

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Who Must Have a Pawnbroker License?

As defined in New York State General Business Law (GBL) §52, a “collateral loan broker” (also known as a “pawnbroker”) is a person, partnership, or corporation that loans money on deposit or pledge of personal property or buys personal property and sells it back at a set price.

This description is only a general explanation of which businesses need to have a Pawnbroker license.

Quick List of Requirements to Apply for a Pawnbroker License

See Requirements section for detailed descriptions. Make sure you provide all requirements. Otherwise, your application is incomplete, and DCA cannot process it.

Basic License Application
Sales Tax Identification Number OR Application Confirmation Number
Copy of your $10,000 Surety Bond, properly signed
Granting Authority to Act Affirmation (if applicable)
Fingerprints and $75 Processing Fee
License Fee

Submitting your application does not mean your license is automatically approved.

Additional City or State Permits/Licenses/Clearances You May Need

  • Once you obtain your Pawnbroker license, you must file a registration statement with the New York State Comptroller. Registration statements are available at
This is not meant to be a complete list. See Additional Resources section.

Important Message about Business Certificate

You must have the applicable Business Certificate based on your business’s legal structure. Although DCA does not require submission of your Business Certificate in order to process your application, DCA may request this document under section 20-104 of the New York City Administrative Code.

Sole proprietors operating under a name other than your own must have a Business/Assumed Name Certificate.

Partnerships must have a Partnership Certificate and, if applicable, an Assumed Name Certificate for your business.

Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, or Limited Liability Partnerships must register and remain active with the New York State Division of Corporations. DCA will verify active status prior to license issuance. You can check your status at


DCA will deny your application if you do not submit these required documents and information:

  • Basic License Application.
    Online submission: After reviewing the application requirements, please click the Apply Online link at the bottom of the Web page to submit your application.
    In-person submission: Download the Basic License Application.

  • Sales Tax Identification Number OR Certificate of Authority Application Confirmation Number.
    To apply for a Certificate of Authority in order to collect sales tax, visit

  • Copy of your $10,000 Surety Bond, properly signed.
    The copy of the bond must name the City of New York as the Certificate Holder. Your corporate name, Doing-Business-As (DBA) name (if any), and premises address must be exactly the same on all documents. The bond must cover the licensing period.
    Download a list of bonding companies.

  • Granting Authority to Act Affirmation, if applicable (download).
    Required if someone other than the license applicant will prepare and submit this application.
    Note: The applicant must sign the license application and all related forms.

  • Fingerprints and $75 Processing Fee.
    All sole proprietors, general partners, corporate officers, members, and all shareholders owning 10% or more of company stock must be fingerprinted at the DCA Licensing Center or NYC Small Business Support Center, see addresses in the Application Filing Process section. Bring one of the following forms of ID:
    • U.S.-issued driver’s license or non-driver’s license identification
    • License or permit issued by a government agency 
    • Passport 
    • Alien card/green card 
    • City, State, or Federal employee ID card
    • Municipal ID card
  • See payment information in License Fee section.

  • License Fee.
    License Period:
    1 year
    Expiration Date:
    April 30 
    License Fee
    If You File Your Application Between These Dates: Option 1
    Option 2
    From May 1 to October 30 Pay $500 for a license expiring April 30 of the following year. N/A
    From November 1 to December 31 Pay $250 for a license expiring April 30 of the following year. (Valid for at most 6 months)
    Pay $750 for a license expiring April 30 of the year following the next year. (Valid for at most 18 months)
    From January 1 to April 30 Pay $250 for a license expiring April 30 of the same year. (Valid for at most 4 months) Pay $750 for a license expiring April 30 of the following year. (Valid for at most 16 months)
    Pay by:
    • Check or money order payable to DCA. (In person)
    • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card only). You will be charged a nonrefundable Convenience Fee. (In person or online)

Application Filing Process


File in person at the DCA Licensing Center or NYC Small Business Support Center.
42 Broadway, Lobby
New York, NY 10004
Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

90-27 Sutphin Blvd, 4th Floor
Jamaica, NY 11435
Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Free Interpretation Services are available on-site. To request a disability-related accommodation, please call DCA’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator at (212) 436-0199 or visit our Accommodations page.


  1. Review requirements for the license and gather all materials before clicking the button below to submit your application online using a laptop or desktop computer.
  2. If you haven’t registered an account with the City of New York, you will need to register an account before you can proceed to the online application.
  3. After you submit the online application, follow the instructions on the confirmation page. DCA cannot process incomplete applications.
  4. Important: If you need to file another license application, return to the DCA Business Toolbox to read requirements and proceed to the online application.

Additional Resources for Pawnbrokers

  • For resources to help your business open, operate, and grow, visit

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Note: Whether you apply to register to vote or not, it will not affect the assistance DCA will provide to you.

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