Workplace Laws

DCA’s Office of Labor Policy & Standards serves as the City’s focal point for labor issues and workers in New York City, giving a dedicated voice in City government to the issues facing workers in New York City. OLPS enforces key municipal workplace laws, conducts original research, and develops policies that are responsive to an evolving economy and issues affecting workers in New York City, particularly people of color, women, and immigrants.

Learn about your responsibilities on these workplace laws:
•    Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law
•    Fair Workweek and Fast Food Deductions Laws
•    Commuter Benefits Law
•    Living Wage Law
•    Minimum Wage Law
•    Freelance Isn’t Free Act
•    Grocery Worker Retention Act
•    Displaced Building Service Workers Protection Act
•    Temporary Schedule Change Law


NYC Direct Deposit

The NYC Direct Deposit program provides free checking accounts to employees who directly deposit their pay. The benefits to your organization include cost savings from reduced printing of paper checks, less time spent by staff to deal with paper paycheck-related issues, and more. Learn more about direct deposit.

NYS Department of Labor

The NYS Department of Labor enforces the State Labor Law for minimum wage, hours of work, child labor, payment of wages and wage supplements, migrant farm labor, and conditions in the garment industry. The agency protects employers, workers, and the public from dangers at work and other health hazards. Learn more about the NYS Department of Labor.

NYS Workers’ Compensation Board

Do you need to provide workers’ compensation or disability benefits to your employees? Learn more about the NYS Workers' Compensation Board.