Storefront photo of a Metro by T Mobile business in NYC

File a Complaint Against T-Mobile

On September 5, 2019, we announced a lawsuit against T-Mobile USA, Inc. (T-Mobile) for violating the NYC Consumer Protection Law. Read press release.

You can file a complaint against T-Mobile, MetroPCS NY, or any of its authorized dealers if a store:

  • Sold you a used phone as "new."

  • Enrolled you in a financing contract without your consent.

  • Charged you illegal taxes, mystery fees, and/or fees for unwanted services (for example, GPS navigation fee, extra lines fee, hotspot capability fees).

  • Deceived you about its return policy.

  • Failed to provide you with a legal receipt. Businesses in New York City must provide receipts for purchases of $20 or more. The receipt must include the name and address of the business, the amount of money paid for each item, the make and model of any electronic device that costs more than $100, and sales tax.

To file a complaint:

We will review your complaint and get back to you.