Temporary Construction Workers

Are you a temporary construction worker?
You have rights.

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If you work for a Construction Labor Provider—also known as a “body shop” or temp agency—you have rights regardless of your immigration status or previous arrest record.

As of June 9, 2022, Construction Labor Providers that assign you to do construction work or manual labor on NYC worksites must have a license from the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) and they must give you required notices in English and in your primary language for your signature. 

Notice of Certification

This notice informs you of any certifications, trainings, or other designations you need to do the job, the cost, and if the Construction Labor Provider will pay. You must get this notice before you are hired.
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Notice of Rights

This notice discloses key worker protections, including safe and sick leave; safe and healthy workplace; minimum wage and overtime; workers’ compensation; unemployment insurance; discrimination-free workplace; and no retaliation. You must get this notice when you are hired.
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Notice of Assignment

This notice informs you about the job assignment, any equipment or protective clothing you need for the assignment, and wages and benefits. You must get this notice before you go to a new construction site, except in certain limited circumstances.
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To learn more or to file a complaint with DCWP:

You can also sue a Construction Labor Provider in state court to seek damages, including litigation costs and attorneys’ fees.