What We Do

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1. Support Workforce Needs

Assist City agencies to recruit and identify the best-qualified candidates for City employment in a manner consistent with the State Constitution, Civil Service Law, and the laws governing equal employment opportunity.

2. Ensure Equal Employment Opportunities

Establish uniform procedures and standards to assist City agencies in establishing Equal Employment Opportunity Plans. Ensure that all New York City government agencies are committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce which reflects our City's communities.

3. Develop Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Ensure that all New York City government agencies are committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce which reflects our City's communities.

4. Purchase, Sell, & Lease Property

Manage the City's commercial real estate portfolio including the lease or purchase of privately-owned properties for City agency use. Real Estate Services also leases and licenses City-owned non-residential property for private use, and disposes of City-owned real estate through public sales and lease auctions.

5. Manage Energy Accounts & Efficiency

Manage the energy accounts and efficiency initiatives for New York City government operations and supports the City's ambitious OneNYC (formerly PlaNYC) goal of reducing the City government's greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050. Energy Management also serves as the hub for energy management for City government operations, from energy procurement to performance tracking, improved operations & maintenance, and building retrofits.

6. Manage Fleet & Fuel Resources

Oversee the NYC's purchase of its 27,000 owned and leased vehicles, comprising the largest municipal fleet in the United States. It is also responsible for fleet reporting and metrics and for advancing a Citywide green fleet program.

7. Facilities Management

Manage, operate, and maintain over 55 City-owned buildings, including City Hall, the David N. Dinkins Municipal Building, Brooklyn Municipal Building, all Borough Halls and City and State court buildings, with a total space of more than 15 million square feet.

8. Solicit Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) Vendors

Support NYC's vital Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise program (M/WBE) which is designed to promote City government contracting and subcontracting opportunities for businesses certified as minority- and women-owned with a real and substantial presence in New York City and surrounding counties.

9. Procure Goods & Services

Provide a centralized purchasing function for City agencies while ensuring that products and services obtained support the City's long term strategic and environmental goals at the lowest net cost and the highest professional standards.

10. Dispose of Surplus Goods

Transfer, sell, or provide other safe disposal of City agencies' surplus goods through public auction or reallocation.

11. Publish the City Record

Produce the City Record, the official newspaper of the City of New York, which provides official notice of all New York City public hearings, meetings, court notices, property dispositions, procurements (solicitations and awards), agency public hearings, agency rules, and special materials which include changes in personnel. It appears each weekday except legal holidays.

12. Operate the CityStore

Operate the CityStore, the official store of the City of New York, in two downtown locations. The store sells municipal publications, official NYC souvenirs and authentic NYC memorabilia.

13. Publish the Green Book

Produce the online and print editions of the Green Book, the official Directory of the City of New York. The Green Book includes contact information for senior level City employees and programs, as well as the unified court system, the state and federal governments and the United Nations.

14. Provide Security for DCAS Buildings

DCAS Police provides security and law enforcement operations at DCAS-managed properties throughout the five boroughs. DCAS Police also manage and administer the contract guard services on DCAS-managed properties. They are additionally responsible for managing the screening of all packages delivered to various City offices and the issuance of employee ID cards.