Citywide Office of Occupational Safety and Health (COSH)

As part of Department of Citywide Administrative Services’ General Counsel, the Citywide Office of Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) coordinates programs and provides technical oversight to City agencies in environmental and occupational safety and health to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations. COSH supports citywide safety and health policies, performs site surveys and inspections to identify potentially hazardous operations, and conducts training to reduce accidents and occupational illnesses at City agency worksites. In conjunction with the New York State Department of Labor’s Public Employee Safety and Health Bureau (PESH), COSH assists City agencies with abating safety violations and developing corrective actions.

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COSH provides the following services:

Environmental Sampling

COSH conducts investigations of work sites to ascertain the presence of asbestos, asbestos containing material and collects bulk samples for laboratory analysis. In addition, collects paint chips samples for lead determination. COSH provides recommendations based on findings.

Industrial Hygiene Surveys and Hazard Assessments

Performs indoor air quality, mold and building safety assessments. Evaluates computer workstations for proper ergonomic positioning. Learn more about Industrial Hygiene Surveys and Hazard Assessments.

Program Development

Conducts comprehensive evaluation to assist agencies in the development of a customized agency safety and health program. Learn how COSH programs can assist you to identify hazards.

Technical Guidance

Designed to help City agencies with environmental and occupational questions concerning workplace hazards and controls.


As required by federal laws, COSH conducts audiometric and respiratory fit testing. Learn more about COSH Testing Programs.


Coordinates training workshops and designs customized site-specific training programs upon request.


All City agencies are provided an Agency Safety and Health Coordinator to address environmental and occupational concerns. Coordinators manage their safety and health program and serve as a link between COSH and the agency. City employees should contact their Supervisor/Agency Safety and Health Coordinator if there are work place safety concerns.

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