Dedicated Agency Energy Staff

Two staff members on a roof inspecting equipment

Program Overview

Since 2011, DCAS has provided funding for dedicated energy management staff at partner City agencies. These staff include Energy Managers, Energy Analysts, Energy Coordinators, Solar Project Managers, and Directors of Energy and Sustainability. They are charged with developing, implementing, and tracking their agency's energy and emissions reduction efforts. They help identify potential energy efficiency projects, apply for competitive funding, create accountability at the agency level for meeting emissions reductions goals, and support cultural change across their organizations. DCAS works with all agency energy management staff to coordinate efforts citywide and share best practices across agencies. Currently, DCAS directly funds 22 energy management staff members at 12 of the largest City agencies.

How to Participate

DCAS works with our partner agencies to identify and meet their needs for dedicated energy staff. We seek to place staff in the agencies that have the greatest need for support, reflected in large emissions footprints, facilities with high energy use intensity, and limited existing in-house staff to tackle their energy and emissions reduction challenges.