Employee Blood Program

The New York City Employee Blood Program (NYCEBP) is a DCAS administered program & voluntary blood donor group in partnership with the New York Blood Center (NYBC) since 1965.  Through this program, our participating agencies host, promote and coordinate blood drives across the city to insure maximum participation among City employees.

URGENT: Due to current blood shortages, employees who donate whole blood at New York City Blood Center donation sites during the COVID-19 pandemic will be granted three (3) hours of compensatory time. For more information including guidelines, listing of donation sites and to schedule an appointment to donate, please visit the link below.

Guidelines for the Supplemental NYC Employee Blood Program During COVID-19

Donor Eligibility Requirements

For more information contact New York Blood Center or call 800-688-0900 (NYBC Special Donor Services Line)
Donation Process: How to prepare for it and what to expect?

Benefits of Donating

Save Lives!

Employee Blood Program Donor Corps Membership - Donor Advantage Program

Time off for Employees Who Donate Blood

Contact the NYC Employees Blood Program using the form, or:

If you are retired, call or write to:
NYC Employee Blood Program
Department of Citywide Administrative Services
1 Centre Street
21st Floor South
New York, NY 10007
(212) 386-0552 or (212) 386-0689

You may also call 311 and ask for the NYC Employee Blood Program

Or Call 212-NEW-YORK if outside of NYC.