Energy Innovation

A crane and two workers assist in the lowering of a large shipping container that is a battery on the roof of a building.

Program Overview

DEM launched the Innovative Demonstrations for Energy Adaptability (“IDEA”) Program in 2014 to help meet the City’s emissions reductions goals by engaging vendors to test new or underutilized energy technologies in City buildings. The IDEA Program helps vendors build the use case for their solutions, while also addressing City building system or operational challenges and informing DEM’s cleantech strategy and investments.


As of 2018, DEM has launched four phases of the IDEA Program, focused on building controls, energy storage, HVAC optimization, and renewable energy technologies, respectively.

How to Participate

  • The IDEA Program is open to entrepreneurs and companies who have innovative energy efficiency solutions.
  • Selected vendors work with DEM to test their technologies in City buildings for a specified demonstration period, generally 12 months, but longer as needed.
  • Vendors are responsible for installing and commissioning their solutions, as well as conducting as-needed training of City staff. They also must complete a performance assessment of their technologies’ effectiveness and suitability for use across the City’s portfolio after 12 months of installation.

DEM is currently accepting ideas from vendors; we will contact you if your technology has been selected for demonstration.

Submit your IDEA product/technology information

2018 Updates:

Case Studies

The following technologies were demonstrated in City-owned buildings as part of the IDEA program. Case studies are done for completed technology demonstration projects.

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Phase 1: Building Controls

Phase II: Energy Storage & Grid Solutions (Ongoing)

  • Flow Battery ǀ UET Technologies
  • Battery ǀ Encell Technology
  • Powerpack ǀ Tesla

Phase III: HVAC Optimization (Ongoing) 

  • Insulating Valve and Boiler Jackets ǀ Thermaxx
  • Web CTRL Time Lapse Software ǀ AutomatedLogic United Technologies
  • Building Automation System ǀ Global Control Solutions
  • Commutated Motor and Fan Units ǀ Mainstream
  • HVAC Control Systems ǀ Mamac Systems
  • Modified Venturi Style Steam Traps ǀ SteamGard
  • Internet-Based Oil Verification System ǀ US Energy Group
  • Smart Valve Chilled Water Optimization ǀ Flow Energy
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation ǀ Advanced Cooling Technologies
  • Wirelessly-Controlled Radiator Valves ǀ Spartan Peripheral Devices
  • Two Phase Flow DHW System ǀ Hudson Fisonic
  • Heat Transfer Nano Fluids ǀ GWS

Phase IV: Innovations in Renewable Energy (Ongoing)

  • Solar-Powered Fabric Canopies ǀ Pvilion
  • Flared Biogas to Power ǀ Electratherm