Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Citywide Equity and Inclusion (OCEI) – formerly known as Citywide Diversity & EEO (CDEEO) - has been committed to driving equal employment opportunity, equity, and inclusion across New York City government for over 30 years. It has put New York City – the largest municipal employer in the most ethnically and culturally diverse city in the US – at the forefront of multi-pronged initiatives to champion and promote equity and inclusion.

OCEI is charged with ensuring the City’s workforce is representative of the City we serve and insuring all agencies comply with the applicable law, policies and procedures. In doing so, the Office provides oversight and support in the following areas:


OCEI ensures City agencies comply with the City’s EEO Policy and federally mandated provisions and laws concerning equal employment opportunity. OCEI requires agencies to foster a Citywide workplace culture in which employment and advancement decisions are made fairly and employees are treated equitably, regardless of age, gender, race/ethnicity, religion/creed, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. To that end, agencies develop annual EEO Plans that address recruitment, selection, promotion, complaint handling, training, and activities to prevent employment discrimination.


Recruitment and outreach is the cornerstone for promoting equal employment opportunity to qualified applicants and employees, including women and minorities. OCEI focuses on communication and partnership to create greater access to the underserved and underrepresented communities, including People with Disabilities, LGBTQ, Veterans, Women and Minorities, to city employment and to foster increased diversity across all job categories. The City administers equity and inclusion programs, such as the 55-a Program for individuals with disabilities. OCEI reviews gender distribution, ethnic composition and attrition rates of the current workforce to direct recruitment efforts.

The Office of Citywide Recruitment (OCR) participates in events across all five boroughs to share information about City government employment.


OCEI continuously provides agencies with guidance and updates on policy and procedural interpretation, applicable law changes, and other EEO related issues. The City’s EEO community is also provided with access to standardized procedures, templates, training, best practices, EEO/diversity and inclusion trends and other relevant resources.


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