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NYC Fleet Sustainability

Solar Carports including two electric cars in front of the Unisphere at the annual NYC Fleet Show in Flushing Meadow Park 2017
Solar Carports at the annual NYC Fleet Show in 2017
Sanitation truck with Vision Zero side guard in the back of One Centre Street
We fuel our trucks with biodiesel and renewable diesel

New York City's fleet is the greenest in the nation.

Please see our NYC Fleet Sustainability Brochure, October 2019, and our NYC Fleet Sustainability Facts.

Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids

NYC Fleet operates over 2260 on-road electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids. Full EVs include over 250 Nissan Leafs and over 300 Chevy Bolts, among others. We have over 600 additional off-road EV and solar units.

Electric Chargers and Solar Power

NYC Fleet is rapidly expanding our base of electric chargers to support our electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. We have installed 1,005 charging ports across 696 charging stations, including 62 fast-charging stations, at city garages and parking locations around the city. We have deployed 87 solar carports from Envision Solar. These new carports allow EVs to be completely independent from the electrical grid and fossil fuel energy. We have partnered with city schools to provide both solar chargers and EVs to support education programs. Some other city equipment is also solar powered. The city is piloting programs to install chargers to support EV use by the public.

City vehicle operators: please see the map and address list of EV charging sites (map updated 7/22/2021).

NYC Fleet now has a pilot program for public access to a selected set of EV chargers. NYC DOT is also establishing curbside EV charging.


In addition to our plug-in hybrids, NYC Fleet has over 5500 hybrid vehicles in a variety of makes and models. We have been investing in hybrid vehicles for over 15 years now. Some hybrid models offer 50% better fuel economy than comparable conventional cars. The city also operates some hybrid diesel-electric trucks.

Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel

NYC Fleet operates over 11,000 diesel vehicles. In 2007, we began piloting the use of biodiesel blends to reduce emissions. Now biodiesel blends are standard in all city fleet fueling sites. We look to improve our biodiesel blends by increasing the percentage of biodiesel and introducing renewable diesel. In accordance with federal and local law we use diesel particulate filters and diesel emissions fluid to further reduce emissions.

Video: NYC Chief Fleet Officer Keith Kerman discusses NYC Biodiesel use with representitives from the United Soybean Board.

On May 15, 2019 DCAS issued a report on the demonstration contract for renewable diesel in fleet.

In September 2019 DCAS issued a report on the use of renewable diesel in heating.

In July 2020 DCAS published a case study on renewable diesel.

Natural Gas (CNG)

NYC Fleet operates over 100 CNG vehicles, including some Sanitation trucks and sweepers, some passenger vans, and some Honda Civic sedans. We operate 3 CNG fuel sites to support this fleet.

The City has also made major strides to reduce fleet size, right-size vehicles, install tailpipe emissions reducing equipment, better analyze fuel use, and more. Look here for postings about NYC's continuing fleet sustainable efforts. For more information about NYC Fleet sustainability, please contact NYC Fleet.

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