The Hundred Year Association

The Hundred Year Association of New York honors outstanding, permanent civil servants, and provides college scholarships for the children of New York City employees. Founded in 1927, The Hundred Year Association of New York is composed of professional, educational, religious and charitable organizations that have been in continuous operation in New York City for over a century. The Association has honored career civil service employees since 1958. In addition, since 1971, the Association has awarded college scholarships to the Children of City employees. Two long-standing and prestigious awards are offered of the Hundred Year Association:

Public Service Awards

2021 Isaac Liberman Public Service Award for COVID-19 Response Nomination Package
Permanent civil service employees of the City of New York with current salaries of $90,000 or less are eligible.

College Scholar Awards (2020 CSAs Are Unavailable)

The E. Virgil Conway College Scholar Awards
Children of at least one permanent civil service employee with at least 2 years of continuous, full-time service are eligible. Gross family income for 2019 (generally, the income of both parents) must be $125,000 or less.

For additional information about The Hundred Year Association please contact Organizational and Executive Development at or 212-386-0004.