Real-Time Metering Program

A cinder block wall with and electric receptacle and two metering boxes with the NUENERGEN logo on each.    

Program Overview

DEM launched the Real-Time Metering (“RTM”) Program in 2015 to install real-time meters across the City’s facilities to enable ongoing, nearly up-to-the moment tracking of energy usage. DEM collects and aggregates the energy data through a centralized web and mobile platform (ENERTRAC), run in collaboration with a third-party vendor, NuEnergen. RTM helps provide facilities staff with the data needed to optimize day-to-day building operations. The City has set a goal of installing a total of 750 electricity meters by 2022, covering 80% of municipal demand. DEM also recently has completed successful gas and steam meter pilots.


As of December 2019, DEM has installed Real-Time Meters for more than 550 utility accounts (470+ facilities); mostly electricity, but also gas and steam. That allows over 50% of municipal peak load to be monitored in near real-time.

How to Participate

DEM works with partner agency staff to identify City buildings that are suitable candidates for RTM. All City facilities with electricity usage of at least 300KW are eligible for electricity real-time metering installation. Gas and steam metering needs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and agencies may be required to perform certain upgrades.

DEM will work with NuEnergen and agency staff to conduct a site survey and determine site-specific metering and communications infrastructure requirements.

See if your facility is suitable for Real-Time Metering


Log in to ENERTRAC web and mobile portal 

Download the ENERTRAC User Guide 

Download the RTM Checklist to check and prepare the facility to receive RTM equipment.