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Salary Continuation Program

Since the inception of the Mayor's Salary Continuation Program in 1995, many City employees have benefited from this program. Your generosity makes it possible for seriously ill employees to remain on payroll once their annual and sick leave balances have been exhausted and to not suffer the additional burden of financial concerns due to loss of income.

The Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank (CSL) is one of the crucial components of the Salary Continuation Program. The CSL bank is a pool of sick and annual leave hours voluntarily donated by managers and other employees in titles not eligible for collective bargaining in Mayoral agencies, for potential use as sick leave by eligible employees who are also donors to the bank.

Please click on the links below for more information:

Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Basics
Application to Donate (Closed on 12/12/2021 - Next Year's enrollment period is scheduled for November 2022)

Dedicated Sick Leave Program
Frequently Asked Questions

PSB 420-2: Salary Continuation Program

For questions related to sick leave programs for employees eligible for collective bargaining, please see PSB 410-3: Dedicated Sick Leave Program for Employees in Titles Eligible for Collective Bargaining In Mayoral Agencies.

For questions please contact the Salary Continuation Program.