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Vision Zero and NYC Fleet

Training Videos for Drivers and Fleet Operators

NYC Vision Zero agencies have produced several videos to introduce the Vision Zero initiative to drivers and educate them on how their choices behind the wheel can keep their passengers, themselves, and other road users safe. We encourage drivers and fleet operators everywhere to view these videos and to drive safely.

Vision Zero Policy

Many NYC agencies are involved in the Vision Zero Action Plan. with initiatives aligned with the strengths of each agency. The progress of each initiative is available in the scorecard below. Codifying fleet safety best practices and operationalizing the updated Safe Fleet Transition Plan are two major Vision Zero initatives in progress now. See details below for some policies in line with these initiatives.

Safety Technologies for Fleets

New technology can be implemented to increase the safety of city streets. NYC Fleet explores the use of safety technologies and their impact on preventing crashes and minimizing injury and loss of life.

NYC Safe Fleet Transition Plan

The Safe Fleet Transition Plan (SFTP) outlines a series of safety investments that New York City is making in all fleet vehicles. It also lists other technologies that are being implemented in more targeted projects or that are being assessed or tested. The SFTP was first issued in 2017. An updated plan with additional technologies was issued in 2018. NYC Fleet is working with the New York City Business Integrity Commission (BIC) to explore how technologies can be adopted in private fleets regulated by BIC. NYC Fleet encourages fleets and vehicle manufacturers everywhere to adopt appropriate safety technologies as standard in their vehicles.

Truck Side guards

Truck side guards are large covers that prevent pedestrians and other vulnerable road users from falling into the space between the front and rear wheels of a truck. Following research by the US DOT Volpe Center, NYC Fleet launched the largest truck side guard pilot project in North America and is close to fitting all eligible trucks in the fleet with side guards. The NYC Council passed a local law to mandate truck side guards for the city fleet and some private fleets in NYC. There is also federal legislation to mandate similar underride guards that prevent cars and other road users from being crushed by large trucks in collisions.

Connected Vehicle Project

NYC Fleet and DOT are proud to be carrying out a pilot project sponsored by the US DOT to utilize connected vehicle technology on our vehicles and streets. The NYC Connected Vehicle Project supports the Vision Zero goal by providing driver alerts through vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and infrastructure-to-pedestrian communications.

NYC Annual Reports on Vision Zero

These reports are a summary of the progress of Vision Zero iniatives and plans for future iniatives are published in Vision Zero reports.

Vision Zero Partners

NYC Fleet works with many entities outside of other city agencies to improve street safety. Here are some of our partners.

Vision Zero Fleet Forum

The Vision Zero Fleet Safety Forum, sponsored by NYC Fleet, brings together people representing private fleets, equipment suppliers, federal, state, and city agencies, non-profits, and universities for the common goals of vehicle safety. Through the fleet forum, New York City has conducted outreach within and outside of government to exchange best practices, promote vehicle safety technology, and to educate fleet managers about Vision Zero.

The 2019 forum was on October 31, 2019.

Our previous forums in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 have brought together an outstanding lineup of speakers and panelists from around the country to discuss vehicle safety from a wide variety of perspectives. To see links from previous years, please click on the Forum dates below.

2019 Forum 10/31/2019

2018 Forum 11/28/2018

2017 Forum 11/14/2017

2016 Forum 11/29/2016

Please note: the videos that were shown at the forum are not available in the presentations download. The "Drive Like Your Family Lives Here" video is available on You Tube

2015 Forum 11/5/2015

2014 Forum 10/23/2014