Pre-Qualified List 

General Construction and Repair/Operation and Maintenance

DCAS OCP established a list of pre-qualified general contractors for furnishing all labor, materials and equipment, necessary and required to perform energy efficient work on various capital and expense funded projects throughout the City. Projects are defined as those which will identify energy conservation measures (“ECMs”) and retro commissioning measures (“RCMs”), the design and installation work required to implement such ECMs and RCMs, maintenance and repair work to ensure previously installed energy efficiency projects are functioning at the most efficient level and other general construction work as required by the Agency that will result in energy savings and energy efficiency in City facilities. Four (4) Pre-Qualified Lists were established and are grouped by potential Project cost and/or Project type as follows:

DCAS DEM Pre-Qualified Lists (PQL) for Citywide Efficiency Projects

ROUND 1 - Release Date 10/29/2019

ROUND 2 - Release Date 03/16/2020

ROUND 3 - Release Date 03/19/2021

PQL Option 1 – Expense Funded Energy Efficiency Projects: up to $99,999.99

PQL Option 2 – Expense Funded Energy Efficiency Projects: $100,000.00 and over

PQL Option 3 – Expense and Capital Funded Solar Projects

PQL Option 4 – Capital Construction Projects for Energy Efficiency Retrofits

The PQLs corresponding with each Option will be “open.” After each PQL has been in effect for a period of twelve (12) months, DCAS will publish a PQL notice in accordance with Section 3-10(e) of the City’s Procurement Policy Board Rules and will review and evaluate new applications for each PQL on a semi-annual basis. DCAS will make determinations regarding new Applicants’ eligibility and inclusion in the PQLs at that time.