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Private Space Leased by the City

DCAS is responsible for identifying and leasing private space for City agency operations. DCAS’s objective is to negotiate timely, cost-effective leases that satisfy our client agency’s requirements, while conforming to the City’s requirements, policies, and procedures. This work is accomplished by in-house staff and by tenant representative brokers with whom DCAS has contracted. The City has a portfolio of approximately 450 leases for City agencies in privately owned properties, totaling over 22 million square feet. DCAS is responsible for negotiating these agreements, as well as renewals, intake and review of new requests, and ensuring compliance with lease terms.

DCAS is tasked with acquiring economical, geographically appropriate, operationally efficient, privately leased space that meets the needs of its client agencies. To accomplish this and manage this dynamic portfolio, DCAS employs experienced real estate professionals and retains the assistance of tenant representative firms to lead and manage the leasing process. DCAS strives to provide the highest quality real estate services to the many agencies of the City of New York.

If you are a landlord with available space that you would like to lease to the City, email the DCAS landlord inquiries team.