For Security Vendors

Becoming a Qualified Provider of Security Services:

Security guard vendors interested in the Nonpublic School Security Reimbursement program must first enroll in the City Record Online (CROL). Vendors must also enroll in PASSPort, the City’s new online procurement portal.

Security guard vendors must not contact HHS Accelerator or attempt to register with them. HHS Accelerator is only for schools who wish to apply. Security Guard companies that seek inclusion of the Qualified Provider list must meet the requirements listed in the Rules of the Program.

DCAS will notify responsive and qualified vendors of their inclusion to the Qualified Provider List. Nonpublic Schools will have discretion in selecting the security guard company from the list provided by DCAS.


Insurance Requirements

Upon retention by a non-public school from the qualified provider list, a Security Guard Company licensed pursuant to Article 7-A of the General Business Law, must maintain throughout the term of its agreement with the school commercial general liability (“CGL”) insurance from an insurance company licensed to do business in New York State. The CGL policy shall name the school and the City of New York, including its officials and employees, as additional insured, with coverage at least as broad as the most recent edition ISO Form CG 2026. All required insurance policies shall be maintained with companies that have an A.M. Best rating of at least A- / “VII” or a Standard and Poor’s Rating of at least A, in accordance with the provisions of §14-05(c) of the Department Rules. A Security Guard Company must also maintain Worker’s Compensation, Disability Benefits and Employer’s Liability Insurance in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and in accordance with the provisions of §14-05(c)(3) of the Department Rules. Proof of all required insurance coverage must be produced within 10 days of the Security Guard Company’s retention by the school, or upon demand by the Department. Security Guard Companies are required to replace expired insurance within “5” days of the expiration date to remain in compliance with NPS Program Rules.