After Applying for an Exam

Based on whether you applied to an exam that will be offered in-person or online, the following is what you should expect next:

Single Day/Multiple Day Exam Administrations

(in-person exams administered on either a computer or on a paper and pencil format)

Admission Notices for these exams, which provide test date, location and any other pertinent information, are mailed to candidates approximately 2-3 weeks before the start of the testing period. For multiple-day exams, instructions on how to reschedule are also provided, if available.

Self-Scheduled Exams

(in-person & multiple-choice exams which provide candidates a range of testing dates and location to choose from)

Admission notices are generated immediately and emailed to candidates after they have submitted their online application. 

Education and Experience Tests

(online exams)

Candidates receive their tentative qualification status or numerical score once they submit their tests. They may also receive their rating status by mail at a later date if their test is manually rated.