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Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) primary responsibility is to ensure that other City agencies have the critical resources and support they need to provide the best possible services to the public. To assist City agencies, DCAS administers the civil service system for all NYC employees; purchases and inspects goods in excess of $100,000 for use by City agencies; and administers the City's portfolio of public buildings, including City Hall, the Manhattan and Brooklyn Municipal Buildings, all Borough Halls and City and State Courts. DCAS also purchases, sells and leases real property and locates space for use by City agencies.

DCAS-01 Help Desk Intern - Summer Intern (Filled)

DCAS-02 Help Desk Intern - Summer Intern (Filled)

DCAS-03 Interior Designer Architect - Graduate Intern

DCAS-04 DPM Estimator - Graduate Intern (Filled)

DCAS-05 Land Use Planning - Graduate Intern (Filled)

DCAS-06 Accounting Intern - Summer Intern (Filled)

DCAS-07 Non Public School Security Guard Reimbursement Program - Summer Intern (Filled)

DCAS-08 Health Benefits-Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-09 Help Desk Intern-Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-10 Policy Assistant Summer Intern, Strategic Planning - Graduate

DCAS-11 Recruitment Intern - Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-12 Policy and Program Development Intern - Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-13 Investigations and Compliance Unit - Graduate Legal Intern (Filled)

DCAS-14 Data and Policy Intern - Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-15 Data and Policy Intern - Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-16 Data and Policy Intern - Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-17 NYC Fleet Compliance Intern - Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-18 Graphic Artist, Level 1 - Undergraduate

DCAS-19 Diversity & EEO - Undergraduate

DCAS-20 Strategic Operations - Graduate Intern (Filled)

DCAS-21 Fleet Claims Intern - Undergraduate (Filled)

DCAS-22 Energy Supply Intern - Graduate

DCAS-23 Employee Relations - Summer Intern

DCAS-24 DEM Operations Unit - Graduate Intern (Filled)

DCAS-25 DEM Energy Budget Intern - Graduate

DCAS-26 Portfolio Development group - Summer Intern

DCAS-27 Energy Budget - Summer Intern (Filled)

DCAS-28 Portfolio Development Intern - Graduate Intern

Equal Employment Practices Commission (EEPC)

The Equal Employment Practices Commission (Commission) is the independent monitor of the employment practices of New York City's agencies. Created by the New York City Charter to promote equal opportunity for all who are employed by or seek employment with New York City government, the Commission's authority extends to 141 agencies. The Commission advises and assists City agencies in their efforts to establish effective programs to provide, and educate employees about, equal employment opportunities; implement and maintain effective employment practices which are non- discriminatory; and utilize discrimination complaint investigation procedures that conform to federal, state and local laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

EEPC-01 Draft Posting-Summer Intern

Fire Department (FDNY)

The mission of the Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the City from fire, promote fire prevention and fire safety education, as well as to provide emergency medical services to those in need.

FDNY-01 Community Affairs- Undergraduate

FDNY-02 Community Affairs-Graduate Intern

FDNY-03 Diversity and Inclusion-Graduate Intern

Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT)

The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) oversees the City's use of existing and emerging technologies in government operations, and its delivery of services to the public. DoITT works to improve the government's efficiency through technology, and to make communication with the government straightforward and clear.

DOITT-01 Business Analysis Intern-Summer Intern

DOITT-02 Chief Financial Officer Intern- Summer Intern

DOITT-03 DataOPs GIS Intern- Graduate Intern

DOITT-04 DataOPs Integration Engineering Intern- Graduate Intern

DOITT-05 DataOps Data Engineering Intern- Graduate Intern

DOITT-06 Diversity Management Intern-Graduate Intern

DOITT-07 Management & Budget Analytics Internship- Graduate Intern

DOITT-08 Management & Budget Cost Recovery Intern- Graduate Intern

DOITT-09 Management & Budget Strategic Sourcing Intern- Graduate Intern

DOITT-10 Management & Budget Telecom Contracts Intern- Graduate

DOITT-11 NextGen 911 Project Management Intern-Summer Intern

DOITT-12 Public Safety Business Administration Intern-Summer Intern

DOITT-13 Risk Management Intern-Graduate Intern

DOITT-14 Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence Intern-Summer Intern

DOITT-15 WebOps Intern-Summer Intern

Mayor's Office of the Chief Technology Officer (MOCTO)

The City of New York's Mayor's Office of the Chief Technology Officer (MOCTO) develops tech strategy and policies to make New York City the most tech-friendly, forward-thinking, and equitable city in the world. MOCTO is looking for talented, purpose-driven individuals to help us solve the many complex urban challenges facing our city.

MOCTO-01 Communications-Graduate

MOCTO-02 Digital Inclusion Fellow-Graduate

MOCTO-03 Policy and Legislative Fellow-Graduate

MOCTO-04 Research Fellow-Graduate

Department of Sanitation (DSNY)

DSNY is the nation's - perhaps the world's - largest and most diverse cleaning and collection agency.  Department of Sanitation is considered New York's Strongest.

DSNY-01 Microsoft Excel Trainer - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-02 Desktop Support Technician Intern - Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-03 Desktop Support Technician Intern - Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-04 Project Analyst - Graduate Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-05 Wireless Support Intern - Undergraduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-06 App Dev Graduate Intern - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-07 Database Analyst Developer - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-08 Zero Waste Communications Administrative Intern - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-09 Zero Waste Communications Outreach Intern - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-10 Video Intern - Graduate student (Filled)

DSNY-11 Zero Waste Partnerships Strategic Planning & Development - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-12 Exhibition Planning - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-13 Medical Division - Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-14 Medical - Undergraduate Interns (Filled)

DSNY-15 Energy Management Intern - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-16 Support Services Materials Management (Filled)

DSNY-17 Support Services & Administration - Summer Undergraduate Intern (Filled)

DSNY-18 Automotive Engineering - Undergraduate Intern (Filled)

DSNY-19 SS & Field Operations - Undergraduate Intern (Filled)

DSNY-20 Support Services & Deputy Commissioner's Office - Summer Undergraduate Intern (Filled)

DSNY-21 Support Services & Clean Fuels & Training Division - Undergraduate Summer Intern (Filled)

DSNY-22 The Enterprise Geospatial Program Management Office - Graduate Summer Intern (Filled)

DSNY-23 Operations Management Division - Summer Intern (Filled)

DSNY-24 Operations Analytics and Sustainability Intern - Undergraduate (Filled)

DSNY-25 Clerical Assistant - Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-26 Data entry and Processor - Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-27 Safety Division - Undergraduate Intern (Filled)

DSNY-28 Human Resources Intern - Summer Internship Intern (Filled)

DSNY-29 Clerical Assistant - Graduate Level (Filled)

DSNY-30 Clerical Assistant - Graduate Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-31 Bureau of Cleaning & Collections - Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-32 NYCHA Tracking - Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-33 IT Sourcing Intern - Summer Internship (Filled)

DSNY-34 IT Sourcing Intern - Summer Intern (Filled)

DSNY-35 WEM - Summer Intern (Filled)

DSNY-36 WEM - Graduate Intern (Filled)

DSNY-37 Data Entry - Summer Intern (Filled)

DSNY-38 HF - Undergraduate Level

DSNY-39 Human Resources - Summer Intern

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Our mission is to provide for the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible movement of people and goods in the City of New York and to maintain and enhance the transportation infrastructure crucial to the economic vitality and quality of life of our primary customers, City residents. In order to fulfill this mission, the Department regulates traffic, builds and maintains roadways, sidewalks, bridges, and municipal parking facilities; maintains and operates municipal ferry systems and monitors private ferry systems; and acts as an advocate and voice for better transportation.

DOT-01 Accounts Payable & Contract Payments-Summer Intern

DOT-02 Accounts Payable & Contract Payments Summer Intern

DOT-03 Revenue and Accounts Receivable-Summer Intern

DOT-04 Parking Operations, Planning & Analysis Intern- Summer Intern

DOT-05 Bridge Inspection Unit Intern-Summer Intern