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    In this month's issue of Inside Citywide we take a look at the City's Demand Response program, Urban Fellows graduation, the latest Inside Citywide podcast and more.

Inside Citywide Episode 3. One Centre St. lit pink & blue at night. Headphones.
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    Episode three of the Inside Citywide podcast focuses on how the city sustained its operations while teleworking and its ongoing transition back to the office.

Demand Response: Reducing Energy Use
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    The DCAS Demand Response Program reduces energy use on hot summer days, protecting the environment and helping prevent blackouts.

Two military service people in front of a waving US flag.
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    The city has long waived the fee for one civil service exam for U.S. military vets. It’s now waiving fees for as many tests as a vet wants to take.
Surround camera on truck in use by vehicle operator
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    NY1 joined DCAS for a demonstration of the new cameras that are going on 1500 NYC Fleet trucks & busses. Check out the story on NY1. Image courtesy of NY1.

Agency Announcements 

CTACS Open at Limited Capacity

CTACs are open for civil service testing except for the Bronx location. Appointments are required for entry to the centers and can be made using the Online Application System (OASys). Face coverings are required upon entry.

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