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Personnel Services Bulletins

Table of Contents

General Personnel Administration Rules and Laws

PSB No. Subject
100-1 Non-Competitive Positions for Mentally and Physically Disabled
100-2R Classification of Titles and Positions
100-3R Prohibition of Out-of-Title Work
100-4 Fingerprint Policy and Fees
100-5R3 Transfer and Change of Title
100-6 Constitutional Oath of Office
100-7 Physically Taxing Positions
100-8 Residence Requirements
100-9 Examination Application Fees and Processing Fees
100-10R Medical and Psychological Disqualifications
100-11 Model Agency Arrest/Conviction Reporting Policy
100-12 Selective Certification of Civil Service Eligible Lists
100-13 Consideration of Criminal Convictions and Arrests in Employment
100-14 Promotion by Non-Competitive Examination
100-15 Drug Screening of Applicants for and Appointees to Titles in the Classified Service of the City

Employee and Eligible List Status Actions

Appointments, Promotions, Separations and Retirements

PSB No. Subject
200-1 Recoupment of Severance Pay
200-2 Qualifying English Oral Tests
200-3 Late Filing for Promotion Exams
200-4 Termination of AWOL Employees
200-5 Dual Employment
200-6 Probationary Period
200-7 Notice to Candidates of Non-Selection and Ineligibility
200-8 Retirement and Social Security Law Section 211 Waiver Requests
200-9 Posting of Vacant Positions (Withdrawn 5/2022)
200-10 Rights to Former Positions for Probationary Employees
200-11 Credit Toward Probtionary Period for Continuous Provisional or Temporary Service in the Same Title and Job Assignment
200-12 Managing Vacant Positions

Compensation and Pay Regulations and Procedures

PSB No. Subject
310 Career and Salary Plan (Rule XI) Employees
320 Managerial Employees
320-2 Guidelines for Reassignments of Civilian Managers
330 All Employees
330-1 Payroll Actions when Moving Between Agencies

Time and Leave Regulations and Procedures

PSB No. Subject
410 Career and Salary Plan (Rule XI) Employees
410-1R Lateness Policy
410-2 Sick Leave in Citywide Emergencies
410-3 Dedicated Sick Leave Program for Employees in Titles Eligible for Collective Bargaining in Mayoral Agencies
420 Managerial and Original Jurisdiction Employees
420-1 Authorized Leave for Managers for Exemplary Performance
420-2 Salary Continuation Program
420-3 Carryover of Annual Leave for Managers
420-4 Managerial Lump Sum Payments
420-5 Paid Parental Leave for Managers and Original Jurisdiction Employees
430 Other Employees
430-1 Leave Regulations for Other Than Full-Time Per Annum Employees
430-2 Leave Regulations for Other Non-Full-Time Per Annum Employees
440 All Employees
440-1.2 Time Leave During Major Transportation Work Stoppage
440-2 Paid Holidays
440-3 Time Allowance for Voting
440-4 Time Off for Religious Observance
440-5 Time Off to Donate Blood
440-6 Leave for Exams
440-7 Leave for Parades
440-8R Guidelines on the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
440-9R2 Leaves of Absence with Pay Granted to Veterans and Certain Civilians for the Observance of Memorial Day,Veterans Day and July 4
440-10 Jury Duty for City Employees
440-11R Leaves of Absence for Military Duty
440-12 Leave to Attend a Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Workshop (Withdrawn 09/2016)
440-13 Leave to Express Breastmilk
440-14 Time and Leave Policy in the Event of a City-wide Emergency (Withdrawn 01/2015)
440-15 Leave to Undertake Cancer Screenings
440-16 Paid Family Leave Benefits for Represented Employees
440-17 Unlimited Paid Sick Leave for 9-11 Related Illnesses

500 Employee Evaluations, Discipline, Motivation and Development

PSB No. Subject
500-1 Right to View Evaluatory Material
500-2 Appeal Process for Managers
500-3 Recognition of Employees Donating Eight Pints of Blood
500-4 Employee's Incapacity to Perform Job Duties Because of Medical, Mental or Physical Disability (To be issued at a later date.)
500-5R New York City Safety Program: Citywide Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Council
500-6R Agency Health and Safety Labor Management Committees: Procedures for Establishment and Operation
500-7R Mayor's Executive Order on Citywide Occupational Safety and Health Program
500-8R Safety Inspection Program and Accident Investigation
500-9R Developing Safety Training Programs

600 Policies and Procedures for Specific Instances

PSB No. Subject
600-1 Review of Claims for Excused Absences due to January 7, 1996 Snowstorm
600-2 Review of Claims for Excuse of Absences Due to Transportation Difficulties Arising from the January 26-27, 2011 Snowstorm
600-3 Temporary Citywide Telework Policy for City Employees During the COVID-19 Outbreak (Withdrawn 9/2021)
600-4 Temporary Citywide Policy for Vaccination of City Employees against SARS-CoV-2
600-5 Diversifying NYPD Senior Leadership