Capital Funding Request

Fiscal Year 2020 Capital Funding Requests

Submission Deadlines:

  • 1. Wednesday, February 20, 2019, 5pm

    All requests that include Borough President Funding

  • 2. Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 5pm

    All requests that include only City Council or Mayoral funding

  • Please check with your Borough President or City Council member to determine wether they have supplemental applications or earlier deadlines.


  • Download Documents
  • Complete Documents
  • Submit Documents

Step 2: Complete Request

If you haven’t already done so, save the individual files from the request package to a convenient location on your desktop or server. All documents are fillable PDF forms and should be filled out, saved and uploaded as original forms.

Your Submission Will Include:

  1. Organization Section

    Each organization must fill out one Organization Section.

  2. Appendices

    Fill out one Appendix for each project for which you are requesting funds, whichever appendix is relevant to the project.

    • Appendix A - Construction or Renovation
    • Appendix C - Equipment System
    • Appendix D - Vehicle

    EXAMPLE: If you are requesting funds to renovate your lobby and purchase a piano, this will require you to submit Appendix A and Appendix C, along with the organization section.

  3. Supporting Documentation

    Supporting documentation is required for the Organization Section and each appendices. Checklists of required attachments are on the last page of each PDF.

* The DCLA Introduction and Guidelines FY20 document contains valuable information. Please read it carefully. *

Once you have completed your submission, proceed to Step 3: Submit Documents.

Please Note:

  • Only the original fillable-PDF version of the organization section and appendices will be acceptable. Supplemental Documentation should be submitted in the original Word or Excel format (wherever possible).
  • All requested amounts should be rounded to the nearest thousand.
  • Mac instructions - Please open the fillable-PDFs in Adobe. If you open and edit in Preview, your documents will not save properly.

  • If you have any questions, please email