The Fiscal 2020 CDF Renewal Form is now closed

Notification regarding the release of the Fiscal 2020 Renewal will be sent to organizations receiving multi-year support for Fiscal 2019-2021 or Fiscal 2020-2022 in the spring; review your Fiscal 2019 award letter to determine your organization's multi-year status.

Review the eligibility requirements and the Fiscal 2020 Renewal materials to get a sense of the current process and requirements. The Renewal Guidelines detail applicable eligibility and funding requirements; the Renewal Instructions explain the level of programmatic and financial detail expected in your submission, as well as provide essential tools to help you navigate the online form; the Renewal Checklist itemizes the materials required for your submission to be considered complete; and the Blank Renewal provides printable screenshots of each section of the online form.

Existing CDF grantees may view their past submissions at any time by logging into the online application: