The Fiscal 2020 Final Report will open in spring 2020.

Submission of the online form, the Supplemental Materials, and the applicable Additional Templates are due as soon as possible after the completion of the funded services, and no later than Monday, August 3, 2020. All organizations receiving Fiscal 2020 support must report on their funded services in order to retain the funds paid, receive any payments due, and remain in good standing for the future. To report, all grantees must complete an online CDF Final Report form that details completed public services funded in Fiscal 2020. In addition to the online form, Supplemental Materials must be mailed or hand-delivered to our office.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for Supplemental materials is a “received by” deadline.  Hard copies of the Supplemental materials must be received in our offices at 31 Chambers Street no later than the Monday, August 3 deadline for Final Reporting, whether via mail carrier, messenger, or hand-delivery.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting PAUSE order in New York State, all FY20 CDF grantees will be asked to submit an updated Scope of Services Request for Revision form detailing any revisions to the scope of funded project(s), called “Scope Changes,” with the submission of the Final Report.

The form will be available when reporting launches for FY20. Please contact your Program Specialist directly via email if you have any questions about this requirement.

Organizations that must complete a Fiscal 2020 final report, may view the materials below to get a sense of the current process and requirements (note: these materials will be updated in spring 2020 for the FY20 funding cycle): the Final Report Instructions explain the level of programmatic and financial detail expected in your submission, as well as provide essential tools to help you navigate the online form; the Final Report Checklist itemizes the materials required for your submission to be considered complete; and the Blank Final Report provides printable screenshots of each section of the online form.

The Additional Locations template requests information about projects with more than 25 locations or venues, and the Conflicts of Interest Certification must be submitted by organizations that have identified a conflict as described in the Final Report Instructions (p. 5).

If you have questions about the Final Report please contact your Program Specialist or call the Programs Help Desk at (212) 513-9381.