What are the artist eligibility requirements?
In order to join the Directory, artists must have a digital platform through which we can view more of your work. The Directory is designed to be an introduction or link to a greater body of work. Digital platforms can include a website, and social media like Instagram and Facebook. Artist can also set up a file on Drobox or other digital storage sites that can be accessed via a link. Artists of all career levels, from emerging to professional, are welcome.

I’m not an artist; can I still use the Directory?
Yes. You can use the Directory to find artists. You may browse the Directory without creating an account.

Can one artist be listed as an individual, group, as well as a collaborative?
If you are an individual artist as well as part of a group or collaborative, then you would be required to create different profiles on the Directory – one as an individual artist with examples of your individual work and another as a group with examples of the group’s work.

What if I am a literary artist or musician and do not have any images?
All members of the Directory must upload at least one image. We suggest literary artists, musicians, or other non-visual artists include visual representations of their work, such as the cover of their book, an author photo, or a photo of a performance. As a user searches the database, a thumbnail image will appear along with contact information. It’s worth it to add an image because profiles without images have fewer visitors.

Are profile applications reviewed?
All applications to the Directory go live after it’s reviewed and approved by the Percent for Art staff. This is to confirm that the information provided is complete and accurate and that the support materials are consistent with the descriptions provided. It also ensures that the submissions are compatible with the purpose of the Directory. Questions about applications will be directed to artists from staff via email.

Who can use the Percent for Art Artist Directory?
The Directory is an on-line resource that is open and free to the public. The key audiences are arts organizations, arts presenters, curators, designers, artists, architects, developers, community groups, and businesses. Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using the Directory.

How can I contact an artist that I’ve found on the Directory?
You must contact the artist directly given the contact information that they have provided on their profile. The Percent for Art Program does not facilitate communications to any artists.

Is there a fee to use the Directory?
There is no cost to artists to join the Directory and no cost to browse the Directory.

How does an artist create a Directory profile?
There are five steps to making a Directory profile.

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete the application form
  3. Upload work samples

View more detailed instructions.
Read some tips about how to make a great profile.

What Kind of Files Can I Upload?
Acceptable file types are outlined on the Worksample tab.
Images should be JPEG format and must be uploaded with the following size specifications:

800 pixels x 800 pixels and combined image file sizes cannot exceed (3)MB.

How do I contact the Percent for Art Artist Directory?
You may contact the Percent for Art Artist Directory by emailing us at percent@culture.nyc.gov.