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Design and Construction Excellence

DDC is committed to achieving Design and Construction Excellence across its portfolio by delivering high-quality public projects that contribute to a thriving, equitable, sustainable and resilient city for all New Yorkers.  Design and Construction Excellence (DCE) reinforces DDC’s unwavering commitment to on-time, on-budget project delivery through comprehensive business practices that include Quality-Based Selection (QBS), enhanced project initiation and management tools, performance evaluation, knowledge sharing, and continuing education.  Together, these strategies ensure that all capital projects delivered to sponsor agencies and the City result in enduring, practical, constructible, economical, and inspiring community resources.

Since 2004, DCE has enabled New York City to pursue an innovative and ambitious public works program in partnership with a diverse group of the most creative and experienced design and construction professionals.  DDC partners with consultants and contractors who are dedicated, responsive, and collaborative, and who possess the management skills necessary to complete work within schedule and budget.  DDC consultants and contractors have a proven track record of delivering high quality projects, and are skilled at resolving complex requirements and navigating unforeseen circumstances.  Team-oriented and adept at balancing competing demands, these professionals go beyond the creation of contract documents to serve as facilitator, mediator, and interpreter between the many stakeholders throughout the life of a project.  Overall, DDC consultants and contractors share a commitment to Design and Construction Excellence in the public realm as characterized by the following overarching concepts: 

Design and Construction Excellence shapes the city we envision for today and the future by creating an enduring vision for our public space.  With design and construction of public projects comes the responsibility of shaping the city for generations to come.  Dignified, accessible and community-oriented, the design must strive to make all New Yorkers feel welcome and valued, and to thoughtfully respond to context and site conditions.  The design must consider cultural context and integrate artwork wherever possible in support of enduring public spaces.

Design and Construction Excellence protects the legacy of our public space by carefully considering practical solutions that address the needs of our City.  Public works must be appropriate, well suited for their intended use, and adaptable to future needs.  The design of our public buildings and infrastructure must strive to meet the needs and aspirations of DDC’s sponsor agencies as expressed in their individual missions, goals, standards, and requirements.  The design must seek a creative balance between functional and programmatic requirements, operational and maintenance practices, and performance and innovation.  Sustainable, resilient, durable, and easily maintained, the design must be guided by a holistic view of the capital asset over its expected lifespan.  The design must consider solutions to long-term and emergent risks and opportunities, such as changing climate and public safety conditions, as well as new technologies and ways of living and working.  

Design and Construction Excellence strengthens the character of our public space by delivering constructible capital projects with safety and integrity.  Building New York City requires the ability to execute projects in a safe, effective, and timely manner while maintaining the integrity of the design throughout construction.  The design of our public buildings and infrastructure must be represented by complete, comprehensive, and accurate contract documents that are clearly detailed and coordinated across disciplines, and that meet or exceed requirements of code, zoning, and local laws.  Specifications must be carefully coordinated with drawings and materials schedules, and tailored to the requirements of each project.  Materials and systems must be proven, readily available, and achievable with local construction practices to minimize lead-times, eliminate cost overruns, and prevent construction delays.   

Design and Construction Excellence supports the value of our public space by employing a cost-sensitive and economical approach that leverages City resources to build lasting community assets.  Design and construction by and for the City requires conscientious attention to schedule, budget, and operational costs to ensure that public funds are well spent, and communities well served.  The design must incorporate a life-cycle cost analysis approach and prioritize selection of long-lasting systems and assemblies that are achievable within the allocated budget.  Systems must perform to the highest standards of comfort and efficiency, meet or exceed energy requirements, and operate as designed.  The design must be calibrated to reduce construction and operating costs and complexity, positively impact the health of the environment, and use natural resources wisely.  Using City-wide and agency standards and best practices, innovative methodologies, and appropriate technologies, the design must add value and strive to do more with less.

Design and Construction Excellence utilizes the power of design and construction to positively transform our public space, inspiring pride in the people and City of New York.  The design of public buildings and infrastructure must be guided by a civic consciousness and social responsibility to provide spaces that promote discourse, exemplify accessible government, and inspire pride in our communities.  The design and construction process must reflect a collaborative effort that is inclusive of all stakeholders, including sponsor and partner agencies, consultants and contractors, and the community.