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Design and Construction Excellence 2.0

Design and Construction Excellence 2.0 (DCE 2.0) is a process that reaffirms and extends our commitment to delivering innovative public buildings and infrastructure of the highest quality. Our transformative public works projects are driven by our focus on equity, sustainability, resilience and design for healthy living.

DCE 2.0 is informed by the civic strengths of clarity, intent, value, innovation and collaboration. Partnerships with creative design and construction professionals enables DDC to strengthen thriving neighborhoods, bolster economic growth and create jobs. We work together to build public structures that are welcoming to all, linking people to their communities and to each other.


Design and Construction Excellence 2.0 Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles is a publication that outlines shared aims to ensure equity, sustainability, resiliency, and healthy living are integral to the design and construction process. This publication directly supports Design and Construction Excellence 2.0 (DCE 2.0), our program that, through partnerships with renowned design and construction professionals, delivers innovative and enduring public buildings and infrastructure.

We design and build a wide variety of project types throughout the five boroughs, supporting and contributing to the City’s ability to make public facilities more welcoming to all. DCE 2.0 brings a sense of urgency to the discussion about access to municipal services. Equitable design contributes toward thriving communities in this multi-generational and culturally diverse metropolis.

With our High Performance Building Guidelines and High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines as the foundation, guiding principles on sustainability help implement the Mayor’s 80x50 commitment to significantly lower the City’s carbon footprint and energy use. We strive to link carbon reduction opportunities to new and existing public buildings and implement deep energy reductions throughout our work.

Using what we learned from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, our primary goal is to ensure that all of our projects are designed for greater adaptation, resiliency and resistance to extreme weather, including sea level change, storm surge and unanticipated events. Projects created through Design and Construction Excellence 2.0 mitigate neighborhood flooding, assuring that areas at risk are built to updated standards.

Design for Healthy Living
Growing out of our authorship and implementation of the NYC Active Design Guidelines, our healthy living guiding principles match the Mayor’s commitment to create a built environment that adds to a sense of well-being for individuals, families and neighborhoods. DCE 2.0 brings new attention to mental health needs of the culturally diverse population of New York City.

Chief Architect: Margaret O'Donoghue Castillo, FAIA, LEED AP