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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

DDC is the City’s leading construction management agency which builds infrastructure and public buildings for 29 sponsoring agencies, plus numerous non-profits that receive funding from the City. A Strategic Blueprint for Construction Excellence is DDC’s comprehensive plan to improve capital project delivery.

The Blueprint lays out four overall themes to deliver projects faster and within budget: making sure capital projects have the funds before they are initiated at DDC; improving and standardizing DDC’s internal project management controls and processes; making better use of outside resources paid for by City capital funds by more effectively managing consultants and contractors; and modernizing internal systems and information technology to allow for better project execution and tracking and to allow DDC staff to work more effectively in the field.

The Strategic Blueprint During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Making use of emergency authorization that allowed for changes to procurement and construction management methods, DDC delivered for New York City during the COVID-19 crisis. DDC quickly and efficiently managed construction for 2 field hospitals, 4 laboratories, 28 testing sites, 8 mobile testing trucks, and 3 large community clinics. DDC’s efforts continue today with the buildout of critical vaccination sites across the City.

One of the waiting areas at the Bronx COVID Center of Excellence

The COVID-19 Center of Excellence in the Bronx

DDC collaborated effectively with oversight entities and found ways to reduce other administrative challenges while maintaining safeguards for the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. The agency also began the implementation of Design-Build and improved staff development.

DDC’s COVID response efforts set new standards for fast procurement and use of innovative, collaborative delivery tools to design and complete projects in record time. DDC’s infrastructure program also lowered delivery times during the year.

Download DDC 2020: Delivering Innovation in a Challenging Year.

Previous versions of Strategic Blueprint

Download the March 2020 Strategic Blueprint Progress Update.

Download the Full Strategic Blueprint.

Download the July 2019 Strategic Blueprint Progress Update.

Top Ten Strategies for Construction Excellence:

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