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Research Resources

In addition to research resources available in The Archives, Town+Gown provides additional research resources below.


  • Integrated Urban Infrastructure Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy, and Livable Cities is the Sustainable Healthy Cities Network’s overall project, conducting scientific research to permit cities to reimagine their urban infrastructure—energy grids, road networks, green spaces, and food and water systems—and remain highly functional and desirable places to live and work, while promoting the health of residents and the environment. The Sustainable Healthy Cities Network website below provides access tfo research products and tools, including a quarterly research update, that communicate the Network’s research results with policy and practice communities, including New York City agencies. Now New York City agencies have direct access to the most current research on sustainability in the urban environment.

  • DDC’s Opportunity Academy Course Book. DDC partnered with the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) and LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC) to establish, Opportunity Academy (OA), which was a workforce development course for public construction project payment and change order processes that are some of the functions performed by construction office administrators (OA Workforce Development Course). DDC’s 2017-2018 OA Workforce Development Course Book contains contextual and specific information for the New York City public works program beginning with the City’s capital planning, budgeting and finance processes, the various payment processes and the construction management processes, some or all of which would be useful for researchers focusing on built environment-related research. The DDC’s OA Workforce Development course book is available for background research purposes here.


  • Orientation to Policy in the Built Environment


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