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Background Information

City Questionnaire/Intake Form

Instructions and applications are available at


These checklists provide details on what we need to proceed with each project: (check back for updates)

Project Approval Submissions

Initial Outfitting Affirmations:

Software Assignment:

Funding Agreements

Security Agreements
(Only applicable for equipment and vehicle purchases)

Parent & Subsidiary Agreements (Coming soon! Check back for updates)

  • Equipment - Funding Agreement
  • Equipment - Security Agreement
  • Vehicles - Funding Agreement
  • Vehicles - Security Agreement

Required Exhibits for the Funding Agreement

Lien Recording Documents

For Vehicle Projects

For Equipment Projects:
For the most up-to-date forms and information on how to file Uniform Financing Statements (UCCs), please visit New York State - Department of State (NYSDOS). For a sample of each applicable form, please see the sample documents below.

UCC-1 Financing Statement Forms

UCC-3 Amendment Statement

Forms Required for Registration

Business-Related Forms:
For MOCS PASSPort Information, please visit here.

CHAR500 Form:
For more information regarding New York State charity registration requirements, please see the Attorney General's Office.

Payment Requisition Forms


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