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The Office of Diversity and Industry Relations develops, implements, and monitors innovative policies and procedures to promote compliance with New York City Local Law 1. DDC takes its commitment to M/WBE’s and its industry partners very seriously.  Central to our mission is our belief that DDC can serve as a major engine of economic opportunity to significantly enhance the prosperity and vitality of a wide array of communities in New York City.

Ready to Build New York City

This innovative program is designed to enable small and emerging firms to grow by becoming pre-qualified to work with DDC, assisting them in identifying and bidding on the right projects for their company while refining project management skills. Through this program, participants learn select industry best practices and achieve some important milestones:
  • An understanding of the DDC Pre-Qualification List (PQL) process
  • How to respond to the DDC Request for Qualifications (RFQ) that will allow you to join the Pre-Qualified List of venders
  • Identifying the right contract opportunities for your firm
  • Industry best practices for completing accurate take-offs and estimates
  • How to prepare your bid in compliance with agency requirements
  • How to best position and grow your firm in a highly competitive construction industry

For more details on the program modules, workshops, and our instructional team, please download our program bulletin.

Construction Mentorship and Bond Readiness Programs

We educate and mentor NYC-certified MWBE construction firms, providing greater access to City construction opportunities. Enrolled firms in the NYC Construction Mentorship Program receive a customized curriculum of classroom instruction on topics related to construction and business management, one-on-one assistance and mentorship from an experienced construction project manager and subject matter experts, a business assessment and customized growth plan to help them grow their businesses. The program also provides MWBEs with access to contracting opportunities through our Prequalified List.

Construction firms (primes and subcontractors) may be required to take on bonding for certain City contracts. The Bond Readiness Program provides enrolled NYC-certified M/WBE construction and trade firms with education, training and one-on-one financial management and bond process guidance towards pre-qualifying for bonding or increasing bonding capacity to be able to take on larger projects.

These programs are supplemented by existing workshops, technical assistance, and business services, including financing assistance, already provided by Department of Small Business Services (SBS).

To learn more about the NYC Construction Mentorship Program and apply, visit SBS.

To learn more about the Bond Readiness Program and apply, visit SBS.

Networking Events

In addition to monthly workshops, we host networking events to give representatives from MWBEs the opportunity to meet with prime contractors who are working on our projects. Also, our Diversity Relations staff attends networking events and trade organizations to promote opportunities to do business with the agency.

External Advisory Board

Our External Advisory Board is committed to creating an equitable and competitive business environment. The Board works with the Commissioner and her staff to develop, broaden and facilitate innovative practices, procedures and initiatives to foster diversity and inclusion, as well as advance procurement opportunities with NYC certified minority and woman-owned business enterprises.

Procurement Reform

DDC procures approximately $2 billion in services every year and makes an effort to award contracts to the widest array of City businesses as possible, including M/WBE’s. We have modified our procurement processes, within the confines of the rules of the Procurement Policy Board, to create more opportunities for small M/WBE’s.

Request for Proposals for professional services have been unbundled to include a category of contracts solicited to firms with 5 or fewer technical staff members.  Further, our general construction contracts are bid through three prequalified lists of vendors depending on the construction costs. All projects that are bid through these PQL’s with construction costs under $10 million must subcontract at least 50% of the contract value to M/WBE’s.

DDC has been successful in implementing these innovative strategies to increase the number of M/WBE’s who are awarded contracts. Specifically, “unbundling” large contracts for professional services has proven to be quite effective. We created four categories of contracts: micro, small, medium, and large. The “micro” category is restricted to firms with between 1-5 professional staff members.  Over the past three years, 63% of contracts for professional services were awarded to M/WBE’s, with 84% of the contracts in the micro category awarded to M/WBE’s.


To increase the number of MWBE’s who do business with us, it is integral to communicate our interest in them as potential partners. Over the past three fiscal years, DDC has engaged more than 10,000 prospective contractors through events hosted as well as those attended. Specifically, DDC has participated in more than 100 outreach events, including 20 that we have hosted in our Long Island City headquarters.  These events give M/WBE’s the opportunity to meet with us as well as other firms or government agencies interested in working with them.

Annual Conference on Contract Opportunities
DDC is committed to fostering an environment where creative relationships can begin and thrive. The Annual Conference on Contract Opportunities provides small M/WBE’s the opportunity to meet with exhibitors, spanning both the public and private sectors, to discuss contracting opportunities.

Matchmaking Event
The matchmaking events are held twice a year and they support the prime contractors who are on our General Construction list of prequalified vendors (PQL) who have committed to subcontract 50% to M/WBE’s.  Through this event, the PQL firms can meet and become familiar with M/WBE subcontractors who are interested in working on DDC projects and can help them meet their utilization goal.

MWBE Contract Compliance

DDC takes its responsibility to monitor compliance of M/WBE goals established on its contracts. As such, ODIR is staffed with 15 M/WBE Outreach and Compliance Analysts who establish fair goals based on the scope of work and monitor for compliance with the agreed upon goal. ODIR staff is also available to assist in your search for M/WBE subcontractors.

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