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The World of Engineering

On December 1, 2020, the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) and the NYC School Construction Authority (SCA) ACE TEAM 8 session featured DDC Engineer in Charge, Madeline Skoblik and Deputy Director of Infrastructure, Krupesh Patel presenting on the World of Engineering. The ACE Mentor Programs is an afterschool program designed to encourage high school students to pursue careers in Architecture, Construction and Engineering industry. Team 8 is an affiliate of the national ACE Mentor Program of America. ACE is an afterschool program designed to attract high school students to pursue careers in the Architecture, Construction Management and Engineering industries.

Ms. Skoblik discussed the different types of disciplines within engineering such as structural, water resources, transportation and geotechnical engineering. Mr. Krupesh discussed the current project his unit has been working on- the building of a 2.4-mile flood protection wall on the East side of lower Manhattan known as the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project. Ms. Skoblik and Mr. Krupesh were joined by guest lecturer Brett Miller, the Deputy Director in the Public Buildings Division. Mr. Miller gave an overview of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering. Students asked questions about what prerequisite High School courses they should be taking to prepare to major in Civil and MEP Engineering in college. ACE TEAM 8 mentors encouraged students to take advanced Math, Science, Physics and Art courses.

Ms. Skoblik conducted a quiz and provided a virtual traffic flow simulation exercise to demonstrate how traffic flow changes when different variables are applied. Krupesh Patel engaged students in a bridge exercise where students had to choose what type of bridge - an arch, beam, suspension, or cable bridge is suitable for different locations, landscapes and topography. The exercise demonstrated their knowledge of bridges and what they have learned from their ACE mentors. Several students who were part of last year’s ACE 8 team, shared their experiences and discussed which CIRT prompt they were interested in designing.

Adam Alava, a sophomore at the Academy of Finance and Enterprise High School stated, “My experience last year was very interesting, but what we are doing this year is going to be better because homeless shelters are important. It impacts me because I see many homeless people in my neighborhood. I think it is amazing how they fight every day to survive.”

About the NYC Department of Design and Construction

The Department of Design and Construction is the City’s primary capital construction project manager. In supporting Mayor de Blasio’s long-term vision of growth, sustainability, resiliency, equity and healthy living, DDC provides communities with new or renovated public buildings such as such as firehouses, libraries, police precincts, and new or upgraded roads, sewers and water mains in all five boroughs. To manage this $14 billion portfolio, DDC partners with other City agencies, architects and consultants, whose experience bring efficient, innovative and environmentally-conscious design and construction strategies to City projects. For more information, please visit