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ACE TEAM 8 Students Participate in East New York Restoration Green Champions Renewable Energy Initiative

On January 7, 2021, DDC STEAM Initiatives ACE TEAM 8 students Lincoln Ahn and Aliaa Mahgoub joined high school students citywide taking part in the East New York Restoration’s Green Champions Renewable Energy Program. The Green Champions Renewable Energy Program is a 10-week guided virtual course focused on renewable energy. The program has as its goal to introduce students to the many career fields related to renewable energy. Students learn about the many forms of renewable energy such as sun, wind, and water power. They also learn about energy efficiency, the economics of renewable energy, appropriate technology for the developing world, thermal and hydro powered energy, and other renewable energy technologies. Students also take part in a street cleanup in East New York. Those students who complete the program and participate in the street clean up receive an $150 stipend. East New York Restoration LDC is committed to making East New York clean and green.

East New York Restoration has installed new garbage cans on Pennsylvania Avenue and organizes weekly street cleaning at some of the dirtiest crossroads. The East New York Restoration team is also working in community gardens to increase composting. (Visit their website to learn more.)

Lincoln Ahn, ACE Team 8 member, stated, “The Green Champions course has been very informative. It helped answer many questions I’ve had about energy infrastructure. I’ve always been interested in how wind power and solar grids work. This course has been extremely helpful!”

Aliaa Mahgoub, ACE Team 8 member, stated, “It has been an insightful experience. The course was very interesting, especially for my generation, as we start to think more and more about sustainability in everything we do. It is crucial that we implement sustainability into all aspects of the built environment. Through the Green Champions program, I was able to learn about many the different ways that we can actually apply renewable energy and the many problems we need to address.”

Alyssa Lewis, former DDC college intern and current graduate student as well as Green Initiatives intern for East New York Restoration, stated, “For the students participating, this program has facilitated further exposure to renewable energy and its importance to our futures. Over the weeks, students have become familiar with renewable energy's financial and environmental benefits, operating systems and their requirements, at home energy conservation methods, and global application.”


STEAM ACE TEAM 8 Group Photo

ACE Team 8 students take part in virtual renewable energy program


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