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Statement From Mayor de Blasio on Board of Elections

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    Statement From Mayor de Blasio on Board of Elections
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On June 22, New Yorkers used Ranked Choice Voting in the first-ever citywide election. Ranked Choice Voting is a new system of voting in which you can rank up to five candidates in order of preference. With so much at stake in local elections and the implementation of a new system of voting, public education is even more important than ever this year.

The next citywide election will be held on November 2, with Early Voting from October 23 through October 31.

Local elections determine key governmental positions that affect our daily lives and determine how we address issues that matter most to New Yorkers, including housing, education, jobs, how the City spends its money, and public safety.

By voting in local elections New Yorkers can preserve democracy, ensure our voices are heard, and help shape our communities. By knowing our rights, registering voters, making voting plans, and educating our communities on new voting systems, we can safeguard our democracy and move toward greater civic engagement across all five boroughs.

Read the NYC Ranked Choice Voting Education Campaign Press Release

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