NYC Mayor's Office DemocracyNYC, Hispanic Federation, The NYC Civic Engagement Commission, and Pregones PRTT Host "Get Out the Vote in the Boogie Down Bronx"

This non-partisan voter engagement event at Roberto Clemente Plaza included a press conference with electeds, artists, and community partners and performances by a Hondureño born DJ, a poet, a folk band, and a global music collective. The event also featured The People's Bus and vaccine bus.

New York – On Thursday, October 28, 2021, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Roberto Clemente Plaza, DemocracyNYC hosted "Get Out the Vote in the Boogie Down Bronx!" a free community, voter engagement event open to the public, to celebrate LatinX culture and community while ensuring The Bronx has all of the resources needed to vote in the General Election. The event was held in partnership with Hispanic FederationPregones PRTT, The People's Bus, and The New York City Civic Engagement Commission and co-sponsored BronxNet and the Third Avenue Bid.

The event featured performances by artists and musicians including DeLaCeibaCaridad de La Luz,Jarana Beat, and People of Earth and Latina food from the local business Coffee Delight DinerThe People's Bus, a community center on wheels was parked at the event, and resources, including the vaccine bus were also available.

Photos and video from the event can be found here.

"New Yorkers make a direct impact on their communities by voting in local elections. This General Election will determine our City's leaders for the next four years and it is more important than ever to ensure that New Yorkers vote," said J. Phillip Thompson, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives. "Today's event uses music, art, culture, and community as a vehicle for change. It is an important opportunity for us to directly engage New Yorkers and ensure they have the tools and resources they need to make their voices heard."

"With less than five days until the General Election, DemocracyNYC is proud to partner with the Hispanic Federation, Pregones PRTT, the Third Avenue Bid, Civic Engagement Commission, and all our CBO partners to ensure New Yorkers in the Bronx have all the resources they need to vote in this important General Election," said Chief Democracy Officer, Laura Wood. "It's imperative that we build on the momentum of the June Primary and continue to increase participation in local elections. In this final push, DemocracyNYC is committed to getting out the vote, meeting New Yorkers where they are at, and making voting a fun, community experience, by celebrating art, music, culture, and civic engagement."

"Hispanic Federation is excited to co-sponsor this event along with the New York City Civic Engagement Commission and Go Vote NYC to motivate our communities to vote in Tuesday's general election. For over a year – while we have navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic – we've seen how much of an impact local elected officials have in our daily lives, and with Latinos being disproportionately affected by this health crisis, it's crucial that Latinos vote in this election and make their voice heard. The event will also feature live music, a visit from the vaccination bus, and opportunities for community serving organizations to provide information about their services," said Frederick Velez, National Director of Civic Engagement, Hispanic Federation.

"A strong and vibrant democracy is dependent on an informed and engaged electorate. The CEC is committed to raising voter awareness and removing barriers to access for all," said Dr. Sarah Sayeed, Chair and Executive Director of the Civic Engagement Commission.

"We are delighted to have the People's Bus activated in the Bronx as it celebrates all New Yorkers who fuel our democracy," said Yazmany Arboleda, CEC Artist in Residence.

"It's always been important for Pregones/PRTT to partner with fellow organizations that are committed to engaging, supporting and uplifting our local communities and NY/Latinx arts and culture. This event, one that bridges civic engagement with amazing artists, is a prime example of how critical the creative sector is in capturing the resolve and centrality of our community voice," said Jorge B. Merced, Associate Artistic Director of Pregones/PRTT.

"BronxNet is honored to partner with NYC Mayor's Office DemocracyNYC, Hispanic Federation, Pregones PRTT, and the NYC Civic Engagement Commission to increase voter awareness and encourage voting, ahead of the November 2 General Election. BronxNet is dedicated to highlighting initiatives and creating content that enhances civic engagement," said BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe.

"It is critical that New Yorkers make their voices heard at the ballot box in every election," said Mayor's Public Engagement Unit Director Adrienne Lever. "This election, we have the opportunity to vote on local seats and critical ballot initiatives that will impact everything from the environment to our voting rights. PEU and DNYC are reaching out to make sure all New Yorkers know about this important election."

"With Election Day around the corner, we must encourage civic engagement and ensure the voice of our communities are heard," said Raquel Batista, Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. "This event will bring a slew of resources to our Latinx community and motivate them to go out and vote!"

"Voting is taking hold of the power we each have to deliver true change and I applaud DemocracyNYC and the Civic Engagement Commission for their continued efforts in educating New Yorkers on the value of voting and the ways we all can participate in civic life. I encourage New Yorkers to harness your own power and vote - for your communities, those who have fought for voting access, and the future generations who will be impacted by the 2021 elections and ballot measures," said Anusha Venkataraman, Executive Director of the NYC Racial Justice Commission.

"With election day approaching, I encourage New Yorkers to participate in the democratic process. Good government depends on a healthy and active electorate," said Roberto Perez, Commissioner of the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit. "I applaud the work DemocracyNYC, the NYC Civic Engagement Commission, Hispanic Federation, and others are doing to increase voter turnout in the Bronx and all boroughs."

"I urge citizens to vote for all the elected officers' positions on the ballot and remember to turn over the ballot and vote for the initiative," said Dr. Hazel Dukes, President of NAACP NEW YORK STATE CONFERENCE

About the Event Hosts

DemocracyNYC is a nonpartisan mayoral initiative focused on increasing voter participation and civic engagement in NYC. Currently, DemocracyNYC is focusing on encouraging voters to participate in local elections. See multilingual resources created for the General Election at:

Hispanic Federation is the nation's premier Latino nonprofit membership organization and seeks to empower and advance the Hispanic community, support Hispanic families, and strengthen Latino institutions through education, health, immigration, civic engagement, economic empowerment, and the environment.

Pregones Puerto Rican Traveling Theater mission is to champion a Puerto Rican/Latinx cultural legacy of universal value through creation and performance of original plays and musicals, exchange and partnership with other artists of merit, and engagement of diverse audiences.

The New York City Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) is a city agency that promotes civic participation through participatory budgeting, providing training and technical support to community boards, and serving language access needs of limited English proficient New Yorkers at select poll sites. To see language interpretation services offered for the 2021 General Election visit: The Voting Center.

About the Event Performers, Artists, and Vendors

Caridad de La Lu is a multifaceted performer known as LA BRUJA. She raps, acts, sings, hosts, recites, dances, does stand up comedy, writes plays/poems/songs/scripts, and teaches others how to do the same. Winner of the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship 2020-2021 and a The David Prize finalist 2021, she has been one of America's leading spoken word poets for over 15 years and has received the Puerto Rican Women Legacy Award, The Edgar Allan Poe Award from The Bronx Historical Society and was honored as A Bronx Living Legend by The Bronx Music Heritage Center. She was presented with a Citation of Merit from The Bronx Borough President and named "Top 20 Puerto Rican Women Everyone Should Know".

DeLaCeiba is a Hondureño born poet/rapper/DJ/scholar/father/husband/activist that grew up in South Central Los Angeles. DeLaCeiba's relationship with Hip Hop began at an early age and has led him to join forces with many emcees, DJs, and artist collectives who blend music, hip hop, and social justice in their practice. He formed part of End-Dependence Collective, MOVE, and has worked with artists from Eli Efi (Brazil) to Bocafloja (Mexico) , Ana Tijoux (Chile), and SieteNueve (PR). DeLaCeiba is also known for making people dance to his eclectic selection of music from all over the world, you can catch him mixing a Fela Kuti afrobeat track with a Sonora Dinamita cumbia as a resident DJ at Rise Radio NYC, Gongo Mondays, and Feijuka Soul.

Jarana Beat is a double Nominee at the 2020 Independent Music Awards and winner of the 2015 Mexican Music Award for Best Contemporary Folk Band, this 10-piece band incorporates music and dance into its vibrant live performances. Jarana Beat blends Mexican folk and Afro-Amerindian musical traditions with the percussive footwork of dancers performing in traditional costumes to create an irresistibly spirited and uplifting cross-cultural sound. Led by composer/producer Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza, the band gathers professional performers from Mexico, in collaboration with artists from all over the world, drawing on elements and percussive footwork from styles such as Son Jarocho, Son Guerrerense, Son Huasteco, Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, and Rumba, taking New York's (and the world's!) scene on a journey through Afro-Amerindian culture.

People of Earth is a global music collective set on blurring the barriers between the great art forms of the terrestrial sphere, creating an explosive blend of the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil and beyond. The world class musicians who make up this collective represent more than 8 different nationalities and have played with a vast range of artists from Gloria Estefan to Ruben Blades to the New York Philharmonic and more. In addition to being a powerhouse performing group, People on Earth are committed to using music as a vehicle for social change, and through sharing their passion for warm blooded groove music hope to facilitate dialogue, create cultural connections and spread joy ultimately making the world a better place.

The People's Bus is a retired city bus formerly used to transport people detained on Rikers Island that has been transformed, with input from New Yorkers, into a community center on wheels that was parked at the event. The People's Bus engages people in NYC's civic life through beauty and joy and was designed by Yazmany Arboleda, a Colombian-American artist who creates living sculptures.