A campaign highlighting what's at stake with the June Primary and  how New Yorkers can vote this year made in collaboration with the Civic Engagement Commission, the Public Engagement Unit and BRIC Media and filmed by Telling Story Inc., a New York EMMY Award-winning filmmaking firm, founded in 2005 by Andrew Filippone Jr.

Women of NYC, Rank Your Vote this June!

Download the "Women of NYC: Rank Your Vote this June!" video

About the history of the women's suffrage movement in this country, highlighting black, LatinX, Asian-American, and Indigenous peoples' fight for the right to vote. The PSA features civic leaders in NYC such as Lurie Daniel Favors and Jessie Lee, Founder/Principal Better Futures Society & Director of Operations at Statement Arts.

The Issues You Care About Are on the Ballot This June!

Download the "The issues You Care About Are on the Ballot This June!" video

Focused on persuading New Yorkers to get out the vote in the June Primary by highlighting what's at stake with the elections and featuring community partners and activists:

  • Rasheta Bunting, Disability Rights Activist, Bronx Independent Living Services
  • Youssef Mubarez, Immigrant Activist, Yemeni American Merchants Association
  • Ramdat Singh, Educator, Caribbean Equality Project
  • Jaqi Cohen, Transportation Activist, NYPIRG's Straphangers Campaign
  • Jeremiah Mark Greenridge, Youth Activist, Crew Count

It's Time to Vote NYC!

Download the "It's time to vote, NYC!" video

A nuts and bolts video about Early Voting, the different offices up for reelection and their respective roles went up on Monday.  

Fireside Chat with Deputy Mayor Thompson

In partnership with DemocracyNYC, BRIC TV presents: Ranked Choice Voting | A Fireside Chat with NYC Deputy Mayor J. Phillip Thompson.