Iconic New York: Neighborhoods Have Power!

New York City is famous for its skyscrapers, subways, vibrant Broadway shows, and historic cultural institutions, but what makes it truly iconic is the communities that make up the city. Home to over 3 million immigrants, New York City is one of the most diverse places in the world. This campaign celebrates the neighborhoods and communities that make New York iconic, by amplifying the work of local artists and empowering New Yorkers to seize the power they hold by getting out the vote this June.

Neighborhoods have power. Seize it. Rank your vote. Red background
Neighborhoods have power. Seize it. Rank your vote. Yellow background
Neighborhoods have power. Seize it. Rank your vote. White background

Art by Washington Heights artists Ruben Dario Ramirez, Bernardo Rodriguez, and Suzanne Ruzzo.

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Art by Jorge Simon and Olivia Rios

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I'm and Immigrant and I Vote

Art by Jorge Simon and Olivia Rios

Download the "I'm and Immigrant and I Vote" graphics

Make a plan to vote this June and ensure your voice is heard in your community!
Text in Nepali

Art by Untamed Anatomy

Download English & Nepali voting graphics in square and rectangle sizes

Artists Featured

Bernardo Rodriguez is an illustrator working out of New York City. who specializes in dynamic, figurative pieces with narratives - produced in traditional and/or digital media. Bernardo and his family immigrated from the Dominican Republic in 2002, and since he could remember drawing and painting have been his universal language. The work he produces is empowered by my love for the human experience, characters, and enchanting stories.

Elizabeth Olguin is a creative consultant and digital producer with 7 years of experience, specializing in film, photography, and graphic design. She has worked on citywide campaigns with NYC Census 2020 and DemocracyNYC and works closely with community based organizations,  non-profit news organizations, and small businesses.

Jorge Simon is originally from Lima, Peru. For the last 17 years, he has worked at printing companies as a pre-press and designer. He then turned to pharmaceutical printing working on the production side as well as a designer. His passion has always been design and animation and is focusing more on advocate work such as Census NYC 2020 and DemocracyNYC.

Olivia Rios has challenged advertising conventions, launched some of the biggest brands in their category, and won numerous creative awards along the way including two Super Bowl commercials. She was previously the creative director for NYC Census 2020. With over 13 years of experience, Olivia  has worked on some notable clients that include Ritz, Heineken, Popeyes, Comcast, Amex, Reckitt Benckiser, Charles Schwab, and New York Life.

Ruben Dario Ramirez is a Dominican American artist who specializes in Traditional and Digital Illustration. Born and raised in uptown New York City (Washington Heights), the biggest influences to his work have been his inner city upbringing, Dominican immigrant culture, and being raised with a brush in his hand.

The Uptown Collective is the voice of Uptown Online. We have been preaching the Uptown Gospel on a daily basis since Feb 2010. Washington Heights, Inwood and Harlem are undergoing a rebirth that Led Black has dubbed the Uptown Renaissance. The Uptown Collective's mission is to document that verve, energy and dynamism in real time as well as to help shape it's trajectory.

Untamed Anatomy is a Nepalese illustrator that draws on her South Asian heritage to honor the humanness of joy, anxiety, frustration, and reflective meditation in her work.