Immigrant Heritage Month

As we celebrate the countless contributions of immigrant New Yorkers during this 17th Annual Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM), it's also an important moment to reflect on our power to shape the future of the city. In addition to uplifting the stories of our communities and honoring the incredible diversity of culture throughout the five boroughs, we must also use the power of our vote to help empower our communities in the long-term.

That's why it's important for all New Yorkers to know how voting will work this year, and what their rights are at the ballot box. The June primary elections begin June 22nd, with early voting between June 12 and June 20. This will also be one of the first elections where millions of New Yorkers cast their votes using the new Ranked Choice Voting system, meaning that you can now rank up to five candidates in order of preference. Immigrant New Yorkers should also be aware that you have a right to bring an interpreter with you to your poll site, so that you can make your voice heard no matter what language you speak.


Language should not be a barrier to participation in the June primary
You have the right to an interpreter on Election Day
The NYC Civic Engagement Commission provides free interpretation services in 11 languages at select poll sites citywide
To learn whether your poll site is cocered, visit or call 866-VOTE-NYC to learn abou thte NYC Board of Elections
You have the right to an interpreter on Election Day

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Immigrant Heritage Month - Renjia Huang
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  • #ImmigrantHeritageMonth reminds us that nearly 40% of New Yorkers are immigrants — and we can help shape the future of our communities with our votes!

  • There's power in numbers. Out of 8.5 million New Yorkers, nearly 3 million are immigrants. This year, let's use the power of our votes to make a stronger and more just city for all immigrant communities! #ImmigrantHeritageMonth

  • This #ImmigrantHeritageMonth, immigrant New Yorkers can shape the future of our city when we vote in the June Primaries. On June 22, let's cast our ballots for our communities!

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