Water and Sewer Permitting System

The Water and Sewer Permitting System (WSPS) allows a registered Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) to submit permit applications and receive approvals (or objections) electronically. Although WSPS is integrated with the My DEP Account, LMPs must submit a WSPS Registration Form to DEP. The registration link on the My DEP Account login page is for regular water customers ONLY. If you have already registered for WSPS, login to My DEP Account to use the WSPS. For other general information about water and sewer permitting forms, go to Water and Sewer Forms.

Register for WSPS

Steps to Register for WSPS

  1. Download the WSPS Registration Form
  2. Complete the registration form. Be sure to include your email address and Certificate of Inspections (CIS) account number. If you do not have a CIS account number, a CIS account will be created. Your CIS account is the only way to pay for WSPS permit applications that have fees.
  3. The completed registration form must be signed and sealed by you (the LMP) and attested to by a Notary Public. Only original notarized and sealed forms will be accepted.
  4. Submit the original form to us, signed, sealed, and notarized in the following ways:
    • By mail: NYC Department of Environmental Protection, WSPS, ATTN: Registrations, 3rd floor, Low-Rise, 59-17 Junction Blvd, Flushing, NY 11373
    • In-person: Visit our Main Office in Queens at 9605 Horace Harding Expressway—3rd floor. Deposit your form in the 3rd floor drop box located by the security guard in the lobby. Attn: WSPS.

WSPS Features and Capabilities

  • Repair or Relay (In-Kind) Permit Application for Sewer Connections
  • Permit Application to Install Single/Multiple Premise(s) Sewer House Connection(s)&Certificate of Inspections
  • Permit Application to Plug Single/Multiple Premise(s) Sewer House Connection(s)
  • Repair or Relay (In-Kind) Permit Application for Water Connections
  • Submit a Tap Card Form (Self-Certification) to close out Repair or Relay Permits or Water Connections (whether the permit was issued through WSPS or at one of the borough offices)

For other approvals or permits, please visit one of our borough offices:

  • Bronx—1932 Arthur Avenue, Room 607
  • Brooklyn—250 Livingston Street, 8th Floor
  • Manhattan—100 Church Street, 10th Floor
  • Queens—120-55 Queens Blvd, 1st Floor
  • Staten Island—60 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY 10301

LMPs who are registered with WSPS can also receive tap card information over email by submitting a Request for Information Form. For more information about how to request tap records, please go to Request Water and Sewer Records.

WSPS Reference Materials and Tutorials

Use these materials to learn how to use the WSPS, including system requirements and how to submit, edit, and track a permit application. If you have any comments, suggestions, or edits please contact the WSPS Support Line at 718-595-3088 or wsps@dep.nyc.gov.

WSPS Video Tutorials

Step-by-step instructions to complete various steps in the WSPS are provided in the following video tutorials: