Special Instructions for Private Drains/Private Sewers, Private Water Mains, Drainage Proposals, Contract Plans and Hydraulic Analysis

April 23, 2020

All applications must now be submitted electronically.

We are no longer accepting paper applications. Paper applications mailed to our office will not be processed.

To ensure the safety of our professional partners and staff during the COVID-19 public health emergency, our offices will be closed to the public until further notice. We will not be accepting paper applications mailed to our offices. Applications must be submitted electronically.

Please review the instructions below to file for the following applications:

  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Private Drains/Private Sewer
  • Private Water Mains
  • Drainage Proposals
  • Amended Drainage Plans
  • Contract Plans/Drawings
  • Pre-application Meeting Requests
  • ULURP and CEQRS Requests


  • A Professional Engineering (P.E.) or a Registered Architect (R.A.) should submit respective application package to engineering.info@dep.nyc.gov. The package should include:
    • The cover letter, explaining the submission and written responses if this is a second submission.
    • The application form (if necessary)
    • Proposed Plan and application materials
  • Any draft legal documents (if applicable)
  • Any other document not listed above which is typically submitted with the application
  • We will review the materials and send any objections or corrections via email. If no corrections are needed, we will send an email requesting the filing fee
  • After receiving email requesting the filing fee, mail in filing fee. Checks and money orders must be attached to a cover letter with contact information for the applicant; project information including the complete address; borough, block and lot; and the project number (if available)

    Please send application fees by mail to:

    Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations Engineering
    3rd Floor Low Rise
    59-17 Junction Boulevard
    Flushing, NY 11373
  • As soon as the fee is received by mail, DEP will email approved application to the applicant

*We have a hard 20 megabyte (MB) limit on files sent or received by our email server. If the files associated with your project exceed 20 MB (in total), please send us multiple emails, and indicate in the subject line “x/y” where “x” is the number of that email, and “y” is the number of total emails to be sent.
*If emails are not sent in the format above, it will cause a delay in the review of your project. Additionally, if electronic versions are sent with incomplete files, it will cause a delay in the review of your project.