Residential Forms

Customer Registration Form

When a property is sold in New York City, the new owner must alert DEP to the transfer of ownership by completing a Customer Registration Form. This form provides DEP with the appropriate mailing information for future water and sewer bills. New property owners must fill out this application and mail it to DEP at the address provided on the form.

Download the Customer Registration Form

Refund and Transfer of Credit Application

Customers who have a credit balance on one of their water and sewer accounts may request that the credit be transferred to another property, account, or be refunded to them in the form of a check. Please be advised that all requests must be accompanied by proof of payment through cancelled checks and receipts. To transfer or refund credit, please complete the Refund and Transfer of Credit Application and mail it to the address listed on the form.

Download the Refund and Transfer of Credit Application

Customer Dispute Form

DEP now offers an easy way for customers to submit and resolve billing disputes. Simply click the link below, fill out a Customer Dispute Form and then print and mail the completed form to the address listed on the form.

Download the Dispute Resolution Process Overview

Download the Customer Dispute Form

Download Customer Account Information Complaint and Resolution

Residential Water Survey

Sign up for a free NYC Residential Water Survey. As a part of this free water survey, a DEP representative will come to your residence and conduct a variety of tests to help you save money and lower your water and sewer bill. At the end of the survey, you will receive a summary letter which describes any leaks found, measures the flow rates of devices, and estimates potential savings from repairs.

Download the NYC Residential Water Survey Request Form

To request a survey please fill out the form and then mail, fax or scan/email it to:

Water Surveys
59-17 Junction Blvd., 1st Fl. Low Rise
Flushing, NY 11373
Fax: (718) 595-4625

Commercial Forms

Water and Sewer Exemption

Certain qualifying organizations may be entitled to an exemption* from water and sewer charges**. Eligibility is dependent on several factors and interested parties should review and complete the required sections as indicated in the Application for Exemption from Water and Sewer Charges. Please read the General Instructions carefully (pages 1 through 4), complete and return the Required Documentation Checklist (page 5), and complete, notarize, and return the application (pages 6 and 7). All supporting documentation and required forms must be mailed or delivered to the address provided in the General Instructions on the form.

Download Application for Exemption from Water and Sewer Charges

*Consumption of less than 9,493 centrum cubic feet (CCF) per year will result in a full exemption of water and sewer charges for the property. If consumption is between 9,494 and 19,053 CCF, the property will receive a partial exemption and charges for the property will be billed at ‘one half’ the total consumption. If consumption exceeds 19,053 CCF per year, the property will receive no reduction and will be billed at the full rate for the total consumption.

**Please note that the Application for Exemption from Water and Sewer Charges only relates to exemption from water and sewer charges. If your organization also qualifies for tax exemptions, you must apply for that exemption separately through the New York City Department of Finance.

Wastewater Allowance Form

Wastewater Allowances—for Evaporative Cooling Towers and for Standard Wastewater Allowances—may be available for certain customers that are current on their water and sewer charges. To qualify, a property must have a dedicated metered water supply that supplies a process that does not discharge all of its water into the wastewater system. Please review the regulations defined in the NYC Water Board Water and Wastewater Schedule, Part III, Section 7, pages 14-17 for more information.

Download the Wastewater Allowance Form—Cooling Towers

Download the Wastewater Allowance Form—Not Cooling Towers

Application for Separate Commercial Meter Billing

This is an application for owners who previously had a separate meter for a commercial tenant but that meter has been superceded by an “entire premises” meter. If the owner qualifies through this application he will be able to hire a licensed plumber to perform work to install a new meter for the commercial tenant. That new meter, along with the existing “entire premises” meter will together cover the entire property and both will be billed by DEP. To apply for a separate commercial meter, print and fill out the Application for Separate Commercial Meter Billing, and send it to the address listed on the form.

Download the Application for Separate Commercial Meter Billing

Property Manager and Trade Professional Forms

Election of Metered Billing Form for Multi-Family Properties with Four or More Residential Units

Owners of multi-family dwellings with four or more units billed on a fiscal (annual flat-rate) basis can elect to switch to metered billing if they determine it to be financially advantageous. Please be advised that DEP cannot advise customers in this matter.

All conversions to metered billing are final and cannot be reversed once completed. To switch to metered billing, owners must complete and mail an Election of Metered Billing Form to the address listed on the form.

Download the Election of Metered Billing Form

Water Meter Permit Form (For Licensed Plumbers)

The application is intended for a licensed plumber who is installing, replacing, relocating or repairing a water meter. To apply for a water meter permit, print out this application, fill it out and send it to the address listed on the form.

Download the Water Meter Permit Form

Third Party Letter of Authorization

A letter of authorization is required for a third party to conduct certain types of business with DEP. All letters should be mailed to:

Letter of Authorization
DEP/Bureau of Customer Services
59-17 Junction Blvd 7th Floor
Flushing, NY 11373-9055

Download the Sample letter of Authorization