Sustainable Rate Structure Analysis

As the largest combined water and wastewater utility in the country, we balance multiple, costly objectives. These include maintaining high quality water and wastewater service for all New Yorkers, operating and maintaining a vast network of infrastructure, incentivizing green infrastructure, addressing climate change, and much more.

To study how to balance these objectives most effectively, we are conducting a water and wastewater rate structure study. The Sustainable Rate Structure Analysis is examining:

  • water and wastewater rate structure options;
  • customer assistance and credit programs; and
  • best practices from water utilities across the country

The goal of the study is to provide recommendations on how water and wastewater rates can be as equitable and affordable as possible to our customers, while making sure we have enough revenue to carry out our critical mission: enriching the environment and protecting public health. The Sustainable Rate Structure Analysis is a three-year study, ending in August 2023.

To learn more about the rate setting process in New York City and the current rate schedule, visit the website of the NYC Water Board.

Advisory Group Meetings

To ensure robust stakeholder engagement, dialogue, and feedback throughout the study, we have convened an advisory group with a wide range of organizations and interest groups. Advisory group meetings are open to organizations from across the city. To join the group, please submit a request through the Feedback Form.

Meeting #1 (Kick-off): Sustainable Rate Structure Analysis Scope of Work, the New Customer Billing System, and Capital Budget Overview (July 13, 2021—Virtual Meeting)

Feedback Form

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