Due to emergency executive orders issued by the Mayor and the Governor in relation to COVID-19, please note the following updates:

  • As of March 30th and until further notice, public meetings are being held via teleconference and live-streamed on YouTube at www.youtube.com/nycdesigncommission.
  • For public hearings, members of the public can participate using either the Zoom app on their smartphone or computer or by telephone using a dial-in number.
  • Members of the public who wish to give testimony at a public hearing are encouraged to sign up in advance using this form or to send an email to designcommission@cityhall.nyc.gov.
  • Full instructions for participating in PDC public hearings can be found here.


Public Testimony

Members of the public are welcome to testify at public hearings (see procedures for testimony below). Testimony should be limited to issues of design and aesthetic merit, as that is the Public Design Commission's purview.

Testimony is not heard for projects on the consent agenda. If you wish to testify regarding a design-related issue of a project on the consent agenda, please notify staff as soon as possible.

When there have been no substantive changes beyond those required by the Commission and the project is submitted for final approval within one year of preliminary approval, a second hearing may not be required. In such cases, the Commission may vote to give final approval without affording an additional opportunity for public comment.


Written Testimony Procedures

Meeting Agendas are posted on the Commission’s website at least three business days in advance of the public hearing date.

People are encouraged to submit written testimony in advance of the meeting date, so that it can be distributed to the Commission members before the meeting. If you submit testimony for a project that has not yet been submitted to the Commission or scheduled for review, your comments will be kept on file and distributed to the Commission when the project is calendared for review. For more information on when a project will be submitted to the Commission for review, please contact the appropriate City agency liaison.

Testimony can be sent to the Public Design Commission via mail, fax or email:
Public Design Commission of the City of New York
City Hall, Third Floor
New York, NY 10007
Fax: (212) 312-0836
Email: designcommission@cityhall.nyc.gov


Spoken Testimony Procedures

Spoken testimony should be limited to three minutes in duration. Please assign one representative from each group, organization, or institution to speak on behalf of the entire group. If there are a significant number of people who wish to testify, the Commission, at its discretion, may further limit the allotted time.

Public Design Commission meetings are held in the conference room on the third floor of City Hall, unless otherwise indicated. Members of the public who plan to attend are encouraged to arrive at least 45 minutes in advance of the estimated time, as all times are approximate and subject to change. Members of the public will be called to testify in the order in which they signed in with staff.