Artwork Installation

Checklists should be used to ensure that submissions are complete and included with submission packages.

Percent for Art Program

The City commissions artworks for City-owned property through the Department of Cultural Affairs' Percent for Art Program. The sponsoring City agency and the Percent for Art Program are jointly responsible for the selection of the artist and the development of the work of art. A member of the Public Design Commission serves as an advisor to the Percent for Art panel. Once the proposal is approved by both the client agency and the Percent for Art Program, it should be submitted to the Commission for review. A representative of the Percent for Art Program must be present when an artist makes his/her presentation.

Conceptual Review

Artworks should be submitted for conceptual review and approval early in the design process and will be reviewed at a committee meeting prior to a public hearing. If any significant design changes are made in design development subsequent to conceptual approval, the project must be submitted for committee review and approval prior to proceeding to fabrication drawings.

Conceptual Review Submission Checklist

Preliminary Review

Preliminary review and approval by the Commission occurs when the design has been fully developed, and approval at this stage means that a work of art can be fabricated and installed.

Preliminary Review Submission Checklist

Final Review

Final review and approval is based on the submission of color, archival-quality photographs documenting the completed work.

Final Review Submission Checklist

Temporary Art Installations

The Commission does not review artwork that will be installed for less than one year (“temporary”). However, if there is any likelihood that a temporary artwork will be in place for more than 365 days, the project should be submitted for committee review. There is no guarantee that a temporary artwork will be approved for either long-term temporary or permanent installation, so please do not install an artwork with the expectation that approval of existing artworks is a certainty.

Gifts to the City

Gifts of artworks must be approved by the agency on whose property the work of art will be sited and submitted by that agency for review by the Commission. There is no guarantee that artworks will be approved by either the agency or the Commission, so an artwork should not be fabricated with the expectation that approval of existing artworks is a certainty.

The donor must work closely with the agency from the earliest stages of the project. It is also strongly recommended that the donor, in coordination with the agency, consult with the Percent for Art Program (see above).

Gifts will not be accepted unless there are appropriate funds committed by the donor for ongoing maintenance.